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Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate » January 30, 2006 Minutes

Library Committee

January 30, 2006


Molly Engle, Chair
Linda Ashkenas
Gary Beach
Pat Wheeler
Michael Witbeck


Karyle Butcher, University Librarian


John Boock, Member, Scholarly Communication Task Force
John Pollitz, Associate University Librarian

  1. Announcements

    • Moira Dempsey has been appointed as liaison to the Library Committee from the Faculty Senate Executive Committee.
  2. Minutes

    • Library Committee Minutes from December 5, 2005
    • Correction: John Pollitz, Associate University Librarian, noted that he was representing the Library as Ex-Officio in the absence of Karyle Butcher; not as an Ad Hoc representative.
    • Edits: Editorial comments were provided by Gary Beach.

    APPROVED: The minutes will be amended to reflect the correction and the editorial comments.

  3. Standing Rules

    • Discussion: Should the additional responsibility of "Scholarly Communication" be entered into the Library Committee's Standing Rules as part of item 3 or should a new item 4 be created?
    • Recommendation: The Library Committee should actively encourage students to consider becoming a Library Committee member.

    ACTION: Since at the time of this discussion, a quorum was not present, the Chair will either send out the proposed wording of the Standing Rules for the Library Committee's approval by email, or this action item will be finalized at the next Library Committee meeting in February.

  4. Task Force on Scholarly Communication: Reports


    • Reports and information from the Library Committee members regarding the Task Force on Scholarly Communication were discussed. Molly Engle led the discussion.

    • Horticulture and Public Health - Molly Engle

    • Botany and Plant Pathology - Previously submitted

    • Curriculum Council/Graduate Council Academic Program Review Procedure

    Statement - Pat Wheeler. The proposed statement was reviewed and edited by Gary Beach.

    Proposed Statement::

    Faculty Publications:
    Provide a list of where your faculty has published articles in scholarly journals during the last five years. Please indicate the journal name, the time span used (e.g. 2001-2006), and the number of articles published in each journal over that time span. This should not be a laundry list of all journals used but should be equal to or less than 50 of the most frequently used journals for each department.

    ACTION: Gary Beach will submit a request to the Office of Academic Programs and Academic Assessment that the statement be added to OSU's Academic Program Review Procedures. The added statement will apply to future undergraduate and graduate academic program reviews.

  5. Annual Editors/Society Officers Meeting

    Discussion: Feasibility and advisability of establishing an annual meeting of OSU faculty who serve as editors and society officers.

    Suggestion: Karyle Butcher suggested holding a gathering/reception for both editors and society members.

    Recommendation: Pat Wheeler recommended that we request to have the provost send out a separate request for the names of OSU society members.

    ACTION: Pat Wheeler will request a list of current OSU editors from the Provost's Office.

    ACTION: Linda Ashkenas will seek a list of national/international society officer faculty members at OSU. This list will not include the local chapter society members.

    ACTION: Pat Wheeler will draft a request to Sabah Randhawa, Provost, for a list of faculty members who are society officers. This topic will be placed on the February meeting agenda.

  6. Scholarly Communication Articles


    • Mike Boock has a draft article completed.
    • It was noted that no order to the article publication schedule has been determined.
    • The Scholarly Communication articles will be published Spring Term 2006 (a series of 6 articles). Each article will be 200-1,000 words that will be published in OSU This Week.
    • Proposed order of article publication:
      1. Cost of Journals
      2. Impact Factors
      3. Open Access (to include not only journals but all types as well)
      4. OSU Institutional Repository
      5. Copyright Issues
      6. Other Venues
    • Conclusion: The topic of Copyright Issues should be dropped for now. This is too complicated an issue. For example, can authors post their own articles on their own web site? The copyright issues will be referenced in the fourth article dealing with Institutional Repository.

    • DECISION: Publish four articles; i.e., number one through four as listed above.

    • Publication Deadline: For the first article, April 28th is the deadline in order for the article to appear in the May 4th issue of OSU This Week. For the May 11, 18, 25 issues, the articles will be due one week prior to the publication date.

    • DECISION: In addition to the four Scholarly Communication articles, this month-long series will be introduced by an "Introduction to Scholarly Communication" article to be written by John Pollitz. This introductory article will be published in the April 28th issue of OSU This Week.

      Note: Articles are to be submitted to Mark Peterson in News and Communication Office.

  7. OSU Forum on Publication Practices


    • Pat Wheeler had previously attended a Scholarly Communication forum held at PSU in May 2004. An email regarding the effectiveness of this forum was sent to PSU. To date: no response. Question to PSU: Was the forum worth the time and effort?
    • Consensus: At this point in time, it is probably not worth putting on such a forum at OSU.
    • Suggestion: Linda Ashkenas and Gary Beach suggested the possible development of a decision tree for faculty members regarding considerations that they make in deciding on where to publish; e.g., three things to think about when submitting publications, especially graduate students and assistant professors. The Library Committee can help provide some education to faculty regarding scholarly publication decisions.
    • Karyle Butcher noted that SPARC has a brochure regarding this topic. Karyle further suggested that SPARC will be included in John Pollitz’s introduction article.

    1. At this point in time, it is probably not worth putting on an OSU Forum on Scholarly Communication. The Library Committee will wait to see what the impact of the upcoming articles will have on OSU faculty.
    2. Consider putting together an educational brochure for campus distribution on Scholarly Communication issues and the effect publications decisions have on the Library in particular and the cost of publications in general.
    3. Need to send a copy of the upcoming Scholarly Communication articles to the Graduate Student Association. Linda Ashkenas will check on this.
  8. Library's Strategic Plan

    Briefly Mentioned:
    • Molly Engle indicated that this topic will be on the agenda for the February meeting.
    • A copy of the Library's Strategic Plan is on web. Library Committee members should review the document prior to the February meeting.
    • Karyle Butcher noted that the Library is looking at a possible 5% budget cut for the 2006-07 fiscal year. A budget cut of any amount will adversely impact the Library's Strategic Plan.

Meeting adjourned at 11:00 AM

Next Library Committee Meeting

Monday, February 27, 2006
10:00 to 11:00 AM in the Castle Conference Room, 3rd Floor, Valley Library

Minutes provided by Gary Beach