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Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate » November 7, 2005 Minutes

Library Committee

November 7, 2005

Present: Bonnie Allen (ad hoc), Linda Ashkenas, Gary Beach, Molly Engle, Evan Gottlieb (minute taker), Pat Wheeler

Not Present: Joe Kerkvliet, Melodie Putnam, Deborah Rubel, Michael Witbeck.

Guests/Staff: Kerrie Cook (minutes)

  1. Approval of October Minutes
    • motion to approve October minutes after Beach's editing was unanimously passed
  2. Old Business
    1. Task Force on Scholarly Communication - continuation of discussion:
      • Wheeler handed out and explained the Task Force's Work Plan for 2005-2006 (see attachment, to be provided by Engle).
      • Wheeler explained that the Task Force was tasked to look at the increasing price of journals, and then to collect data and see what faculty could do to improve the situation.
      • Faculty Senate approved the idea of keeping the Task Force in place for another year, but to work with the Library Committee.
      • Wheeler explained that tallying costs of journals could be combined with Academic Program and Graduate Program Reviews: by seeing which journals faculty members are publishing in, and then getting the Library to determine the costs of these journals.
      • Wheeler noted that once faculty are made aware of the costs, they can then make informed choices about which journals they might (or might not) choose to publish in and review for (the major distinction being Professional vs. Commercial journals – the latter are typically 2 to 5 times more expensive for institutions).
      • Ashkenas said she can get this information for Fisheries and Wildlife.
      • The committee discussed the "Impact Factor" on 2005 Pricing for Selected Chemistry Titles: noting that there is not necessarily a correlation between cost and impact factor.
      • Wheeler stated that faculty - especially faculty members who are on boards of Societies that partner with publishers - need to become savvier about their negotiations with Publishers.
      • Wheeler discussed publication of scholarly communications articles in OSU This Week.
      • The Committee also discussed organizing an OSU Forum on Publication Practices. Engle proposed that this could be discussed in more detail at a joint December meeting.
      • Allen mentioned that the topic of authors' rights, and retaining those rights, should be another issue.
      • Allen also added SPARC (Scholarly Publication and Resource Council), organized by ARL, has been working on these issues on a national level.
      • Gottlieb volunteered to look at a VHS tape of a prior PSU Library Forum on publication issues, provided by Wheeler: Beach will receive it next, and then Ashkenas (Wheeler will first see about converting the tape to CD for electronic distribution).
      • Engle suggested that the Task Force and Library Committee meet jointly on Dec. 5: Wheeler and Engle to arrange this.
    1. ARL Membership
      • see Report from Librarian in #4
    2. Plan of Work for 2005-06 academic year
      • Strategic Plan: Allen says the Library's strategic plan will need to be discussed at a future meeting.
      • Travel Awards: Ashkenas volunteered to work on travel awards with Allen.
    3. Standing Rules
      • Engle will distribute copies of the Library Committee's standing rules with alternative new additions prepared by Gottlieb to incorporate ongoing issue of scholarly communication directly into Library Committee's mandate.
  3. Report from Librarian
    1. Allen gave a short update on the status of ARL admission: the Library is not actively pursuing membership, partially because criteria has been in flux for several years, e.g., number of staff, number of additions on a monthly basis to the paper collection, the overall size of collection, and the annual budget) are not in line with some of Library’s current priorities.
    2. Meanwhile, the Library is pursuing membership in the Digital Library Federation, and is engaged in other digital projects.
  4. Other:
    • Ongoing "old business" item: the Library Committee can work with the Library staff on testing new informational search engines.
    • Linda Ashkenas volunteered to take minutes for the December meeting.
    • Gary Beach volunteered to take minutes for the January meeting.