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Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate » April 8, 2004

Library Committee

April 8, 2004

Members: Ken Winograd (chair), Mark Edwards, Barbara Gartner, Linda Ashkenas, and Gary Beach; Karyle Butcher (ex-officio), Bonnie Allen (guest), and Kevin Bokay (Admin. Assistant)

  1. Strategic Planning. (Allen)
    1. The process has begun, with Tom Dowling (College of Business) as facilitator, on 25 March.

    2. There is a committee of about 10 members. Some day-long sessions are scheduled where the core values, strategic plan and other core strategic documents will be revisited.
    3. Some differently composed focus groups will be involved. One will consist of the deans, some from the FSLC will be asked to serve, and other groups will consist of students - both undergraduate and graduate.

    4. The plan is to wrap-up around 2 June, with an initial draft in early May.

    5. A five-year plan tied to the University's Strategic Plan is being drafted

  2. Collaborative Learning Center (Ruth):
    1. In the past, the information commons has hosted space for the Writing Center, the Math Tutoring Center, and the Career Center.

    2. The College of Science (with the University Honors College and the Career Center) has refurbished the area with tutors for physics, chemistry, and math.

    3. The area can be expanded, but their needs in the Library must be considered-the Library will track needs for 3-5 years and re-evaluate.

    4. Tutors, supplies, etc. are supplied from the departments.

    5. The area is in use from 11am - 10pm; outside these hours, it is accessible to anyone.

    6. Ruth has been coordinating with Sherm Bloomer for COS, and has established a task force from concerned departments to coordinate details.

    7. The Open House will be May 4th with a big Open House occurring in the fall.

    8. Students are using the Center and a big turnout is expected in the 3rd week because of chemistry midterms.

    9. An extensive collaboration between concerned departments is being experienced: from chemistry to writing.

    10. The Library will monitor the usage and the departments will keep statistics.

  3. 5th Anniversary of the library renovation. (Butcher)
    1. Week of May 3rd

    2. Matt Meselsom talk on May 5th

    3. Open house for the CLC on May 3rd

  4. Draft Proposal to the Faculty Senate regarding scholarly journals. (Winograd)
    1. Cost of journals in unsustainable.

    2. The FSLC is scheduled to present to the Faculty Senate on May 13 and to meet with the Executive Committee in early May.

    3. Changes and approaches to the proposal were discussed.

Notes by: Kevin Bokay