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Faculty Senate » 2012-2013 Annual Report

Library Committee

Annual Report

The Faculty Senate Library Committee (FSLC) met three times during 2012-2013, once per term, to advise OSU Libraries (OSUL) faculty on key issues regarding the needs of the OSU community, library policy and budget, and scholarly communication. The committee's members also served on a variety of subcommittees to assist OSU Libraries faculty in developing policies, communicating the Libraries' budget needs to OSU administration, and selecting winners of OSUL awards.


University-Wide Open Access Policy:
FSLC members (Marit Bovbjerg and Rich Carter) worked with OSUL faculty (Michael Boock and Shan Sutton) to draft a university-wide policy for open access of scholarly communication. This policy was based on policies in place at other universities, applies to journal articles and conference proceedings, and allows for the deposit of the final, peer-reviewed (pre-typeset) manuscript into ScholarsArchive@OSU. We sought input from faculty around campus via presentations at departmental faculty meetings, a presentation to the Faculty Senate, and open fora. We also asked OSU’s legal counsel to review the policy. The final version of the Open Access Policy was brought before the Senate for a vote in June, and passed unanimously.

Library Awards & Research Rooms:
FSLC members served on three additional subcommittees, in conjunction with OSUL faculty:

  1. Library Research Travel Grants – Bruce Geller and Hsiou-Lien Chen (worked with Shan Sutton, OSUL faculty)
    1. Awards were made to Neal Davidson, for travel to the Irish National Library in Dublin; to Karen Holmberg, for travel to Delaware and Oyster Bay; and to Rick Setterston, for travel to Chapel Hill, NC and Berkeley, CA.
    2. The funding for these grants has ceased; they will not be offered next year unless an alternate funding stream can be identified. The FSLC notes that not offering these grants will disproportionately affect faculty in the humanities, in whose fields research grants are not common.

  2. Undergraduate Research Awards – Kari Miller and Dan Dowhower (worked with Michael Boock and Cheryl Middleton, OSUL faculty)
    1. These awards are given annually to two undergraduates, one in the sciences and one in the humanities, whose submitted research papers exhibited the most diverse and effective use of library personnel, resources, and trainings. All of the submissions reflected creativity, care, and expansive usage of library services and materials by undergraduate students in a wide array of topic areas. Two papers in particular represented an elevated level of proficiency, and the committee unanimously selected Hannah Mahoney’s paper, "A Global Affair: Understanding 1960s Geopolitics Through the 1964-1965 New York Worlds Fair" for the Humanities Award, and Sarah Wright’s paper, "Grapevine Leafroll Associated Virus-3 (GLRaV-3) Seasonal Titer Changes and Effects on Pinot Noir Fruit in Oregon." They received their awards – which include a small scholarship – at an awards banquet held in the library rotunda during spring term.
    2. Finding a donor to endow these undergraduate awards is a high priority for the University Librarian (Faye Chadwell).

  3. Long-term research rooms – Marit Bovbjerg and Stacey Lee (worked with Lori Hilterbrand, OSUL faculty)
    1. In addition to several dozen short-term study rooms, available on a first-come, first-serve basis to anyone affiliated with OSU, the library reserves a few long-term research rooms for use by faculty and advanced doctoral students. There is an application process for these long-term rooms, during which the applying faculty member or student must demonstrate a need for protected space within the library. Three of these rooms were vacant as of the start of winter term 2013; Drs. Bovbjerg and Lee met with Ms. Hilterbrand to review the applications and selected two faculty and one doctoral student: Lynn Dierking (12 month), Thomas Bahde (12 month), and Christopher Dunn (90 day).
    2. The 90-day room is again vacant; Stacey Lee will work with Lori Hilterbrand again (over Summer term) to review applications once it has been advertised.
Issues and Agenda Items for the 2013-2014 Library Committee:

  • Work with the OSUL faculty to develop the library’s curriculum, currently in its early stages. Courses to be offered will include topics relevant to students of all levels, in all disciplines, such as data management and documentation.

  • The library faculty have identified an issue regarding access to library online resources that is becoming more prevalent: namely, that an ONID account is required for access to such resources. There are people with legitimate need for access who nonetheless do not "qualify" for an ONID account. These include non degree-seeking students and retired faculty members. Next steps to address this issue are not yet clear.

  • The College of Forestry is developing online, open-access journals for publication of student research (graduate and undergraduate, on any topic, though probably science-related), with the intention that the editorial boards and peer-reviewers also be comprised largely of students. As these students will, in turn, need mentoring, there may be a role for the FSLC.

  • There is a library-funded RFA for development of an open-access, online textbook; the deadline is mid-September. There may be a role for the FSLC, as this is a new kind of endeavor for the library.

Membership - 2012-2013:

Marit Bovbjerg, Chair ’14
Rich Carter ’13
Kira Hughes ’13
Hsiou-Lien Chen ’14
Bruce Geller ’14
Sebastian Heiduschke ’15
Stacey Lee ’15
Kari Miller, ’15
Oscar Montemayor ’15
Biological & Population Health Sciences
College of Forestry
Design & Human Environment
Foreign Languages & Literatures
Recreational Sports
Educational Opportunities Program

Graduate student member: Daniel Dowhower

Ex-officio: University Librarian (Faye Chadwell)
Executive Committee Liaison: Kate Hunter-Zaworski