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Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate » June 4, 2002

Library Committee

June 4, 2002

  1. Review and approval of minutes of the April and May meetings

  2. Discussion of two proposed resolutions to be presented at the June 6 Faculty Senate meeting (see below)

  3. Update on ARL application status

  4. Update on Library Satellite Team for OSU 2007

  5. Discussion of the Vision Statement (available on our committee website under the May agenda)

  6. Announcement of new chair for 2002-03

Below are the two FSLC resolutions (which I based on our ongoing discussions about OSU 2007) as approved by the Executive Committee on Friday. Because the EC dropped much of the language that I submitted, I will send as a separate email the earlier versions so that we can discuss strategies for presenting the resolutions at the Faculty Senate meeting on Thursday.

Library Committee Resolutions
Presented to the Faculty Senate June 6, 2002

  1. Support for increased funding of the Libraries

    Whereas, The Faculty Senate resolved in 1999 to support increased funding for the Libraries with a target of 4% of total University expenditures by the year 2004-05,
    The faculty of Oregon State University supports increasing the funding of the Valley Library and recommends that the University commit to increasing the percent of expenditures dedicated to the library to attain a level of at least 4% of total expenditures by the year 2004-2005. (March 4, 1999, Motion 99-546-01); and

    Whereas, The Libraries have not made sufficient budgetary gains since the 1999 resolution to approach this target; be it

    Resolved, That the Faculty Senate reaffirms its 1999 commitment to the Library.

  2. Re-positioning of the Libraries

    Whereas, The library is clearly an academic unit both historically at OSU (before 1994) and nationally at our peer institutions;

    Whereas, All libraries in the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) are academic units;

    Whereas, The Libraries are central to the teaching and research mission of the University; and

    Whereas, The faculty of the Libraries contribute significantly to the teaching of undergraduates; be it

    Resolved, That the Faculty Senate supports the establishment of the Libraries as an academic unit separate from Information Services, and it recommends: 1) a new reporting structure so that the University Librarian reports directly to the Provost, and 2) re-evaluation of the title of the University Librarian.