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Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate » November 21, 2002

Library Committee

November 21, 2002

    I. Approval of Minutes of October meeting (5 minutes)*

    II. Identifying key services to protect/maintain during budget reductions (25 minutes)

      * issue suggested by University Librarian at our last meeting

    III. Requests from President-elect of Faculty Senate (Bruce Sorte) (25 minutes)

      He has asked the Faculty Senate Library Committee to:

      a) identify a few criteria that would help to monitor success/failure at implementing the resolutions passed by the Faculty Senate last Spring.

      b) create a statement by the faculty which articulates why we think the library is the 'heart' of the campus.

      c) continue to evaluate the library's budget (apart from Information Services' budget.)

    IV. Organizational structure of library (10 minutes)

    V. Library study rooms - easing restrictions on use. (5 minutes)

    VI. Location of next meeting to be announced; scheduled for Thursday, December 12 Could we meet from 4:00-5:00pm? Will we have a quorum if we meet then?