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Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate » January 30, 2006

Library Committee

Library Committee
January 30, 2006
  1. Announcements
    • Moira Dempsey has been appointed to the Committee as Liaison to the FSEC
    • New Introductions as needed
    • Amanuensis for February
  2. Old Business
    1. Approval of December 5 minutes
    2. Faculty Senate Library Committee Standing Rules revision
    3. Task Force on Scholarly Communication - reports updates
      1. Botany and Plant Pathology (Putnam and McCune)
      2. Fisheries & Wildlife (Ashkenas)
      3. Forest Science (Putnam)
      4. Economics (Kerkvliet)
      5. Public Health (Engle)
      6. Horticulture (Engle)
      7. Curriculum/Graduate Council responses (Beach)
    4. Annual Editors/Society officers meeting
      1. Meeting plans (Wheeler)
      2. Putnam Library Committee membership (Engle)
    5. Articles in OSU This Week
      1. Cost of journals (Kerkvliet, Carter)
      2. Open access (Witbeck)
      3. OSU Institutional Repository: Michael Boock & Melodie Putnam
      4. Impact Factors: (Engle, Walker)
      5. Copyright issues: ??
      6. Other venues (Kerkvliet)
    6. OSU Forum on Publication Practices
    7. Collecting statistics on faculty changes in paper subscriptions, number of faculty who are associate editors, and what journals faculty review for. (Tabled from Dec 5--Kerkvliet)
  3. New Business
    • Review of Library strategic plan
  4. Report from the Library