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Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate » December 6, 2001 Minutes

Curriculum Council

Curriculum Council
MINUTES - #01-02.04
Thursday, December 6, 2001



C. Boyer - Horticulture
I. Delson - Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences
T. Dick - Mathematics
J. Drexler – Business

L. Friedman - Public Health
K. Higgins - Education
M. Quinn - Computer Science, Chair
N. Scott - Crop and Soil Science


G. Beach - Academic Affairs, Academic Program Coordinator, Ex-officio

J. Dorbolo - Information Services/Instructional Technology, Liaison

W. Loveland – Budgets and Fiscal Planning Committee, Liaison
M. Patterson - Catalog Coordinator, Ex-officio

M. Rhodes – Associate Registrar, Liaison

I.        APPROVAL OF MINUTES: The minutes of 11/18/01 were approved.




  1. External review reports and follow-up questions were submitted to Dr. Shirley Clark, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. The Ph.D. in Materials Science, Masters of Public Policy, and MFA in Creative Writing are scheduled to placed onto the agenda for the OUS Academic Council at their December 20th meeting.
  2. The Northwest Association of School, Colleges, and Universities has requested that additional questions be responded to regarding the recently approved B.A./B.S. in Computational Physics degree program. A response will be prepared and submitted by the Office of Academic Affairs.
  3. The Graduate Council reviewed and approved the M.A. in Applied Ethics degree program. The proposal will next be reviewed by the Budgets and Fiscal Planning Committee and the Curriculum Council. The proposal will be on the Curriculum Council’s agenda for the January 17, 2002 meeting.
  4. This afternoon, the Faculty Senate will be reviewing three rename Abbreviated Category I proposals:

(1)            Rename the existing B.S. in Forest Products to the B.S. in Wood Science and Technology;

(2)            Rename the existing M.S. and Ph.D. in Forest Products to the M.S. and Ph.D. in Wood Science;

(3)            Rename (integrate) the existing College of Health and Human Performance and the College of Home Economics and Education to the College of Health and Human Sciences.







  1. Walt Loveland, liaison to the Budgets and Fiscal Planning Committee, expressed concern over the fiscal review of Category I proposals. Although the Curriculum Council can decide whether or not to have the Budgets and Fiscal Planning Committee review Category I proposals, it is recommended that the Committee review those that have budgetary implications (i.e., those that have budgets that are other than internal reallocations). DECISION: The Curriculum Council will route the Graduate Council approved M.A. in Applied Ethic proposal to the Budgets and Fiscal Planning Committee for their review.




A.      The Council discussed whether or not a Category I proposal will be required for the School of Education and Department of 4-H Youth Development which are being detached from the College of Home Economics and Education. Gary Beach responded that at this juncture, no Category I proposal will probably be required. If the School of Education should desire to change its name to the College of Education then an abbreviated Category I proposal would be required.




  1. Pre-Education Option in Biology

Tabled until the January 17, 2002 meeting to allow the Curriculum Council representative time to review the Academic Program recommendations with the Biology Program Chair.

  1. Chemical Engineering Options (10 Total)

       Biochemical Engineering Option

       Chemical Engineering Science Option

       Chemical Process Control and Data Management Option

       Chemical Process Engineering Option

       Environmental Process Engineering Option

       Informational Technology Engineering Option

       Material Science and Engineering Option

       Microelectronics Processing Option

       Micro-Energy and Chemical System Engineering Option

       Premedical Option


The Council discussed the ten new options proposed by the Department of Chemical Engineering. This discussion included the change in credit hours (3 to 4) for CHE 411 and revisions made to the Chemical Engineering Science Option. The Council expressed concern for the Pre-Medical Option; i.e., should there be more humanities and social science courses. It was noted that it may be difficult for students to successfully complete in the MCAT because of a lack of humanities and social science courses. This option was developed with assistance from Chere Pereira in the College of Science. All ten options were APPROVED 9-0-0. The Council requested that the Department report back in three years with a follow-up progress report; including the number of students who enrolled in each of the approved options. The Council also requested a copy of the ABET accreditation report.

C.    Forest Products Option (4 total)

       Bio-Based Composites Manufacturing Option

       Wood Industry Environmental Health and Safety Option

       Forest Products Marketing Option

       Wood Industry Production Planning and Quality Control Option


The Council discussed the four new options proposed by the Department of Forest Products. Included in this discussion was the Forest Products Marketing option title. All four options were APPROVED 9-0-0.

  1. The question was raised regarding the inconsistencies of option and minor course requirements that are listed/described in the General Catalog. The Council, by CONSENSUS, agreed that the requirements, including the courses required for majors, minors, options, and certificates will need to be listed in the General Catalog. If the academic units fail to maintain an accurate list of courses and the requirements for the programs, then they will be dropped from future issues of the General Catalog.


VII. STATUS OF CATEGORY I PROPOSALS – the most current information on the status of Category I proposals can be found on the World Wide Web, OSU Curriculum Home page:


VIII.ACTIONS OF THE COUNCIL VIA EMAIL - all proposals are viewable on the World Wide Web, OSU Curriculum Home page: or