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Faculty Senate » Annual Report 2011-2012

Curriculum Council

Annual Report 2011-2012

Report prepared by Mike Bailey, Chair

Executive Summary
In 2011-2012, the Curriculum Council reviewed and shepherded 18 Category I proposals through the Faculty Senate, and reviewed a total of 604 Category II proposals. We met as often as necessary, sometimes every week and sometimes every other week. We used a "journal-review" process for the Category Is where two members of the Curriculum Council were assigned to be the experts on that proposal. This seemed to work well in that it produced detailed, thoughtful reviews, while optimizing the use of peoples’ time. We did learn, however, that it is best not to call them "primary" and "secondary" reviewers, as that encourages the secondary reviewer to defer too much to the primary.

Standing Rules
The Curriculum Council reviews the University curriculum in an effort to implement the long-range educational mission of the University and to ensure high quality academic programs for students. Through careful study, it recommends establishment of new programs and/or changes in existing programs, including major and minor curricular changes proposed by the academic units of the University. It attempts by coordination to bring about a suitable and rational balance of academic programs. It formulates curricular policy and publishes, in cooperation with the Office of Academic Programs, Assessment and Accreditation, a Curricular Procedures Handbook. It has an ongoing responsibility to assure that appropriate curricular policies are implemented efficiently and effectively without becoming unduly burdensome to faculty or disadvantaging students. Also, in cooperation with the Office of Academic Programs, Assessment and Accreditation, it conducts periodic reviews of all undergraduate programs and reports the results of these reviews to the Provost. The Council consists of at least nine and up to thirteen Faculty members and two Student members. Breadth of disciplinary backgrounds is important for the work of the Council so membership shall come from many different colleges. In addition, the following shall be ex-officio members, non-voting: One Academic Affairs representative appointed by the Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and one person appointed annually to represent the following: Registrar's Office, University Libraries, and Extended Campus. The following areas shall be represented by liaison members, non-voting, and appointed annually: OSU-Cascades Campus, Academic Advising Council, and Instructional Technology.

2011-2012 Membership

Mike Bailey, Chair ’12 Computer Science
Paul Adams (v. McComb) ’12 Forestry
Carol Brown ’12 College of Business
Greg Thompson (v. Perry) ’12 Agricultural Education and General Education
Robert Iltis ’13 Speech Communication
Sara Jameson ’13 English
Richard Nafshun ’13 Chemistry
Marilyn Read ’14 Design and Human Environment
Daniel Stroud ’14 OSU-Cascades/Education
TBA ’14
TBA ’14
TBA ’14

Ex-officio members:
Academic Affairs (Sara Williams or Gary Beach)
Budgets & Fiscal Planning Committee (TBA)
Extended Campus (Dianna Fisher)
Registrar’s Office (Nancy Laurence)
University Libraries (Steven Sowell)

Liaison members:
Academic Advising Council (Rebekah Lancelin)
Instructional Technology (John Greydanus)
OSU-Cascades (Daniel Stroud)

Student member:
Ben Tribelhorn