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Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate » Annual Report 2006-2007

Curriculum Council

Annual Report 2006-2007

Activity report
The Curriculum Council met 10 times during the academic year. It reviewed and approved the following items:

  • 7 Category I proposals
    • B.S. in Accountancy (College of Business)
    • B.S. in Ecological Engineering (College of Agricultural Sciences)
    • MS, MMP, PhD in Medical Physics (College of Engineering)
    • Creation of a School of Chemical, Biological, and Environmental Engineering (College of Engineering)
    • Creation of a School of Civil and Construction Engineering (College of Engineering)
    • Creation of a School of Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering (College of Engineering)
    • Name change: B.S. in Outdoor Recreation Leadership and Tourism (ORLT) to B.S. in Tourism and Outdoor Leadership (TOL) (College of Forestry)
  • 352 of 368 Category II proposals
  • Study Abroad Programs through five consortia
    • Institute for Study Abroad-Butler University (IFSA-Butler)
    • Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE)
    • School for International Training (SIT)
    • School for Field Studies (SFS)
    • Academic Programs International (API)

Academic Programs completed program reviews for Horticulture and Fisheries and Wildlife during the academic year. The program review reports for both were unanimously approved by the Curriculum Council. A program review of English is in progress.
Issues Addressed by the Council
The Curriculum Council (CC) discussed several curricular issues during the 2006-2007 academic year. A few highlights follow. Additional information can be found in the CC minutes for the academic year.

  • As in 2005-2006, the CC spent considerable time discussing how to improve liaison when curricular changes have potential impact beyond the proposing department and/or college. Problem areas include:
    • Lack of easy-to-use, readily available tools that enable proposers of curricular change to identify all potentially affected units. Who really should be contacted?
    • Lack of a process for tracking concerns raised and actions taken during the liaison process. Are concerns ever addressed? What resolution if any was reached? If differences cannot be resolved, that should be explicitly stated?
    • Since effective liaison is not always easy to accomplish, the online system should provide tools needed to determine which units the proposed changes will affect and means to guarantee that liaison issues are tracked as in the previous item.
  • The CC discussed, at several meetings and with visitors from Extended Campus and the faculty senate Distance Education Committee, the Council’s concerns with the manner in which currently approved on-campus courses are ported to Extended Campus-based versions. Related concerns about how on-campus students are charged for taking Extended Campus courses also entered the discussion. The CC expects to complete these discussions during Fall Term 2007 and make some recommendations to the EC. 
  • The CC, in consultation with the BCC and Academic Programs, revised the guidelines about how rapidly faculty members can expect to have Category I and Category II proposals processed through CC action. Guidelines are posted at and remind submitters that the CC and BCC do not normally process proposals during summer term.
  • The council continued discussions from 2005-2006 with the International Education Office about Study Abroad opportunities for OSU students. These deliberations led to the approval of five new study abroad consortium programs, as noted in the activity report.
  • During 2005-2006, the Curriculum Council was asked by the Department of Rangeland Ecology and Management to intercede in a disagreement between “Range” and the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife and the Department of Forest Resources with regard to overlap in content between an existing Range course, RNG 421 – Wildland Restoration and Ecology, and a recently established course cross-listed between “Fisheries” and “Forest Resources”, FOR 445/545 – Ecological Restoration [FW 445/545]. This matter was resolved during Fall Term 2006 by discussions among the departments. 
  • The 2005-2006 annual report included the section “Proposals for Change in how the Curriculum Council Functions.” No action on these proposals has been taken largely because implementation appears to require costly adjustments to the on-line Category II process. A major reworking of the software is under discussion. Flexibility for dealing with the Proposals for Change in the 2005-2006 annual report need to be incorporated in any major revision of the software.

Curriculum Council
Membership -- 2006-2007

John Lee '08, Chair Mathematics
Carol Brown '07 College of Business
Neil Browne '07 (v. Spill) Cascades/English
Frank Chaplen '08 Bioengineering
Mary Cluskey '07 Nutrition & Food Management
Jon Kimerling '07 Geosciences
Nicole von Germeten '07 History
Marv Pyles '08 Forest Engineering
Rich Shintaku '08 College of Education
Mike Bailey '09 Computer Science
Alison Bobal '09 Valley Library

Ex-officio members:
Director of Academic Programs (Mina McDaniel/Susie Leslie)
Budgets & Fiscal Planning Committee (Tom Shellhammer)
Extended Campus (Alfonso Bradoch)
Registrar's Office (Mary Rhodes)
University Libraries (Laurel Kristick)

Liaison members

Academic Advising Council (Mary Ann Matzke)
Instructional Technology (John Greydanus)
OSU-Cascades (Neil Browne)

Student Members -

Executive Committee Liaison - Len Friedman