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Curriculum Council

Annual Report 2003-2004

Date: June 21, 2004
To: Stella Coakley, Faculty Senate President
From: Charles Boyer and Jack Drexler, Curriculum Council Co-Chairs

Report of the Curriculum Council for 2003-2004

The Curriculum Council has three main charges:

  1. To facilitate and review course and program requests (both graduate and undergraduate). These are divided into Category II proposals that are minor, such as a proposal for a new course or changes in existing courses, and Category I proposals that are major and require Faculty Senate approval. A typical example of a Category I proposal is a proposal for a new degree program.
  2. To conduct undergraduate program reviews.
  3. To formulate and implement new curricular policy.

The Curriculum Council was very active during the past year. We started the year by developing a new Curriculum Council Handbook. It had been several years since a handbook was available and the handbook should be useful for several years. The handbook was used during the fall training for new and continuing council members and as a resource for members during the year.

Since July 1, 2003, 424 Category II proposals have been submitted. As of June 18, the Council has approved 363 proposals and 18 were withdrawn. Category II proposals will continue to be reviewed during the summer. All Category II proposals are now on-line which has greatly facilitated timely action on proposals.

In addition, the Council approved 19 Category I proposals in 2003-2004 as follows:

  • Rename Department of Large Animal Clinical Sciences to Clinical Sciences
  • Rename the Department of Apparel, Interiors, Housing & Merchandising (AIHM) to Design and Human Environment
  • Create an M.A. in Contemporary Hispanic Studies
  • Create a Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Natural Resources
  • Create an exchange program for Migration Studies in Morelia, Mexico
  • Eliminate Master of Software Engineering
  • Eliminate B.S., Environmental Health and Safety
  • Suspend B.S., History
  • Eliminate B.S., Technology Education
  • Eliminate B.A., B.S., Entomology
  • Create Graduate Programs in Water Resources
  • Eliminate the Master of Engineering in Manufacturing Engineering
  • Create Graduate Certificates in Health Care Administration
  • Create undergraduate, graduate, and professional certificates in Geographic Information Sciences
  • Create a Graduate Certificate in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) (proposal currently on hold)
  • Create a Master of Health Physics (MHP) in Radiation Health Physics
  • Create a Master of Engineering (MEng)

During the 2003-2004 academic year, one undergraduate review was conducted for the Natural Resources degree. The program review was led by Dr. Leonard Friedman. A final report will be reviewed by the Council next year.

Throughout the year, the Council has discussed, debated and provided comment on a number of curricular issues including the following:

  • Process for approving existing OSU programs to OSU Cascades
  • Approval process for non-credit certificates
  • Timing of advertisement for new programs
  • Policy on graduate-level learning (Grad School's proposed 50% rule)
  • Prerequisites (implementing the requirement in Banner)
  • Program eliminations and early notification of students and faculty (as a result of this discussion, the following instructions were added to the Category I instructions): "** Please provide the earliest possible notification of intent to terminate a program to affected students, faculty, and the Office of Academic Programs. Plans to eliminate a program (pending approval) should be noted on your department website and in the general catalog."
  • Upcoming changes to the Office of Academic Programs (Catalog and Summer Session moving to other units)

The Council has received excellent support during the past year. We wish to thank Bob Burton, Michelle Rosowsky, and Alice Tucker for their assistance and support of Council activities. In addition, we wish to thank the Budgets and Fiscal Planning Committee, chaired by Walt Loveland, as well as Bonnie Allen and the Library staff for their excellent review of Category I proposals.

Curriculum Council 2003-04 Membership:

Charles Boyer '04, Co-chair Horticulture
Jack Drexler '04, Co-chair College of Business
Karen Higgins '04 Education
Mary Cluskey (v. Good) '05 Nutrition & Food Management
Joan Gross '05 Anthropology
Kate Hunter-Zaworski '05 Civil, Construction & Environmental Engineering
Jeff Arthur '06 Statistics
Burke Hales '06 Oceanic & Atmospheric Sciences

Non-voting members:
Budgets & Fiscal Planning Comm. (Walt Loveland)
IS - Ecampus (Paula Minear)
IS - Library (Bonnie Allen)
IS - Inst. Tech. (Larry Pribyl)
Catalog Coordinator (Madge Patterson)
Assoc. Prov. for Academic Programs (Robert Burton)
Acad. Prog. & Assessment (Michelle Rosowsky)

Executive Committee Liaison - Maggie Niess