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Curriculum Council

Annual Report 1999-00

June 15, 2000

To: Gordon Matzke, Faculty Senate President

From: Leonard H. Friedman, Curriculum Council Chair

Report of the Curriculum Council for 1999 - 2000

The Curriculum Council has three main charges:

1. To facilitate and review course and program requests (both graduate and undergraduate). These are 
divided into Category II proposals that are minor such as a proposal for a new course or changes in 
existing courses and Category I proposals that are major and also require Faculty Senate approval.  
A typical example of a Category I is a proposal for a new degree program.
2. To conduct undergraduate program reviews.
3. To formulate and implement new curricular policy.

The Curriculum Council reviewed 471 Category II proposals during the 1999 - 2000 academic year.  In 
addition, two Category I proposals were also reviewed.  These included renaming the Extension Home 
Economics Department to Extension Family and Community Development Department as well as the 
proposal to establish two departments in the College of Pharmacy.

This year the review of the Department of Animal Sciences was conducted and the final report is under 
preparation.  In addition, the final report of Botany and Plant Pathology was presented to Interim Provost 
Tim White.  Scheduled reviews for 2000 - 01 include Art, Geosciences (in conjunction with the Graduate 
School), International Studies, Sociology, and the University Honors College.

The Curriculum Council co-sponsored a series of curriculum proposal workshops designed to assist units 
learn more about the curricular review process and help them submit "clean" Category II request forms.  
The Council was also a co-sponsor of a series of three workshops on outcomes-based learning.  A final 
co-sponsored event is the planned survey of ethics education at OSU done in conjunction with the Graduate 
Council and the Philosophy Department.

The Curriculum Council has continued to work closely with OSU Statewide. The Council's chair serves on 
the OSU Statewide Council. The Council has worked with various departments to offer degrees at a distance 
while maintaining quality and access.   One issue in particular that has captured the attention of both the 
Curriculum Council as well as OSU Statewide is the notion of "branding" short courses or instructional 
material with the OSU endorsement.

One final accomplishment of note was a retreat conducted in Spring term for members of the Council and 
included the Faculty Senate President as well as the liaison from the Senate to the Council.  The objective 
of the retreat was to discuss and clarify the role of the Council in light of concerns that the Council serves 
primarily to slow (if not stifle) curricular innovation and change. Two recommendations came out of the retreat.  
The first was to work with the Department of Computer Science over the Summer and Fall terms to create an 
on-line (but printable for signature) Category II request process. This activity will help to make the academic 
units more responsible for the submission of clean proposals and should eliminate much of the perceived 
nitpicking that occurs when Category II forms are sent back to the units for correction.  The second 
recommendation is to begin to move the Council into a position where we seek out and openly discuss 
curricular issues of importance across the university.  The first of these issues will be the area of distance 
education.  Dean McCaughn will be invited to meet with the Council in early Fall.  

1999-2000 members:

Leonard Friedman '00, Chair 	   Public Health 
Margaret Fox '00                      	Educational Opportunities Program
Marge Reed (v. Hackel) '00          Psychology
Erik Fritzell '01                           Fisheries & Wildlife
Gerry Olson '01                          Human Development & Family Sciences
Gary Tiedeman '01                     Sociology
Irma Delson '02                        	 Oceanic & Atmospheric Sciences
Tom Dick '02                              Mathematics
Mike Quinn '02                         	 Computer Science

Non-voting Members: 
        Budgets/Fiscal Planning Comm. (Flo Liebowitz)
        IS - Distance Ed. (Jean Caspers)
        IS - Library (Shirley Scott)
        IS - Instructional Technology (Jon Dorbolo)
        Catalog Coordinator (Madge Patterson)
        Director, Undergraduate Academic Programs (Leslie Davis Burns)

Student Member - 
-       Igor Biskup (Grad.)