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Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate » March 16, 2007 Agenda

Budgets & Fiscal Planning Committee

2005-2006 Annual Report
July 5, 2005

Committee Members:
            Mike Quinn, Chair
            Frank Bernieri
            Linda Hoyser
            Jeff McCubbin
            Kate Peterson
            Thomas Shellhammer
            Nancy Heiligman (ex-officio)

The Budgets & Fiscal Planning Committee had a productive year. The Committee met six times. It discussed and eventually approved Category I and Category II proposals related to the following academic program changes:

  • Creation of the Master of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies (MSIS) degree
  • Creation of a B.S. program in Forest Operations Management
  • Reducing the number of credits required for most undergraduate majors in the College of Engineering from 192 to 180
  • Elimination of the B.S. degree programs in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering and the creation of a new, 180-credit-hour B.S. degree program in Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Reducing the number of credits required for the Wood Science and Engineering B.S. degree from 192 to 180

In addition to reviewing these proposals, the Committee took an in-depth look at the quality of the undergraduate academic experience at Oregon State University. It collected and compiled a great deal of data related to state funding, tuition and fees, class sizes, and other important metrics. In response to the Committee’s request, Institutional Research produced statistics on typical class size. The Committee appreciates the helpfulness of Rebecca Sanderson and Susan Wang in generating these numbers.

The Committee concluded there is significant evidence that the quality of the undergraduate experience has deteriorated since 2000. Faculty Senate President Bill Boggess played an important role in helping Mike Quinn structure the arguments. The Committee’s analysis and conclusions are contained in a report called “The Undergraduate Academic Experience at Oregon State University: Analysis and Scenarios.

Committee chair Mike Quinn and Faculty Senate President Bill Boggess discussed a preliminary version of the report with Provost Sabah Randhawa and Vice Provost Becky Johnson on April 17. The entire Committee met with Provost Sabah Randhawa on June 6 to discuss the final report. The Committee hopes that these discussions will lead to institutional changes that will significantly improve the quality of the undergraduate academic experience at Oregon State University.