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Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate » Annual Report 1998-99

Budgets & Fiscal Planning Committee

Annual Report 1998-99

TO:         Ken Williamson, Faculty Senate President
              Faculty Senate

FROM:   Paul Farber, Chair
              Budgets and Fiscal Planning Committee

RE:        Annual Report

	The BFP Committee has shifted its activities in response to changing university needs.  
During the past several years much of our attention focused on reviewing Category I documents and 
assessing the financial impact of proposed programs.  The number of new programs decreased this 
year, and we have at the same time been called upon to play a larger role in monitoring university 
budgets.  Through liaison with various committees, members of the BFP have helped with the new 
Budget Allocation Model, the Athletics Advisory Committee, etc.  Overall, we welcome this added 
responsibility and feel we have been able to provide faculty input to important groups dealing with 
	Below is a brief summary of our activities.  We have two recommendations for next year's 
committee: 1) that the committee review the size and structure of the BFP Committee; and 2) that 
the committee review the recent decision of the university to use state funds for athletics.  The 
Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate may wish to appoint a special task force for that function, 
but if not, then BFP needs to review and assess the decision for its potential impact on academic 

	1. Took part in the interview process for the new Chief Business Officer.
	2. Approved the following Category I documents: Master of Software Engineering, Off-campus 
            delivery of B.S. in General Agriculture, and Master of Business Information Systems.
	3. The following members provided liaison: Karen Steele (Athletics Advisory Committee), 
            Paul Farber (Budget Allocation Model, and Resource Review), Bruce Sorte (IS Review 
            Task Force), Gordon Matzke (Curriculum Council).