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Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate » 2010-2011 Annual Report

Baccalaureate Core Committee

Annual Report of the
Baccalaureate Core Committee (BCC) of the Faculty Senate


Mary Cluskey, Co-chair '11
Victor Hsu, Co-chair '12
Mina Carson '11
Nick Drapela '11
Hal Parks '11
Kirsi Peltomaki '11
Penny Diebel '12
David McMurray '12
Marvin Pyles '12
Marion Rossi '12
Uta Hussong-Christian '13
Kerry Kincanon'13
Michael Lerner '13
Joe Zaworski '13
Ex-officio, non-voting members:
Vicki Tolar Burton
Michelle Bothwell

Nutrition & Exercise Sciences
Agricultural & Resource Economics
Forest Engineering Resources & Management
University Theatre
OSU Libraries
Academic Success Center
Mechanical, Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering

WIC Director
DPD Interim Director

The Committee met eight times during the year, excluding meetings to share and get feedback from faculty regarding learning outcomes for the BC courses.

The Committee addressed the task of implementing the Baccalaureate Core Ad Hoc Review Committee's recommendations approved June, 2010 by the Faculty Senate relative to the review of the Baccalaureate Core. These and other activities included:

  1. developed a policy and catalog description for implementation of a new sequence requirement for the Skills courses of the Baccalaureate Core. The implementation of this requirement was left undefined, as there was no certainty about how it could be monitored. The suggestion would be that after a 2-5 year period, an audit might reveal the extent to which the "requirement" was being adhered to. The BCC leaves this decision with others in academic administration.
  2. developed learning outcomes for categories of the Baccalaureate Core,
  3. created connections linking how the BC outcomes link to the Learning Goals for Graduates;
  4. revamped the process for BC review and approval as follows:
    1. Use of student employee to screen BC proposals and syllabus for non-subjective aspects of review (e.g., course name, credit hours, syllabus contains statement that course is a BC course, etc.) using a check list developed by the BCC, missing elements are identified.
    2. The packet (electronic version) consisting of the check list, syllabus, and proposal form is sent to the BCC Co-Chair who subsequently assigns the course review to a BCC member. Course proposers are sent requests for corrections or additions to the proposals.
    3. If subsequent materials are approved, the BCC reviewer approves the course. When questions or uncertainty exists as to whether the course meets Bacc Core criteria, the whole BCC will review the course.
  5. developed a syllabus template to be used for proposing BC courses
  6. reviewed 20 BC courses; 2 are unfinished; 1 was not finalized;
  7. co-hosted 5 meetings/events to share and vet the category outcomes
  8. developed and submitted a letter to all faculty describing the incorporation of the learning outcome requirements to the BC course requirements and process
  9. developed a web page at for the BCC to provide current information and processes relative to the Baccalaureate Core.

In response to the Faculty Senate June, 2010, approval of the report of the Baccalaureate Core Ad Hoc Review Committee, Academic Affairs funded a one-year position at .5 FTE for the Transitional Director of Baccalaureate Core Implementation. Vicki Tolar Burton, Professor of English and Director of the Writing Intensive Curriculum, was appointed to this position. The Transitional Director collaborated with the Baccalaureate Core Committee on implementing the above changes, with particular attention to the Outcomes Development events.