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Faculty Senate » 2008-2009 Annual Report

Baccalaureate Core Committee

Annual Report 2008 - 2009

After a change in bylaws last year, the Baccalaureate Core Committee (BCC) membership was increased to 14 faculty and two student members (along with ex officio members representing the WIC and DPD programs). Members were assigned to one of two subcommittees (as noted on the membership list below) to undertake regular BCC business and category reviews, which are described below. The entire committee met together for the fall term to review Category II proposals for changed and/or new Bacc Core courses, but worked separately as two subcommittees on Category Reviews during winter and spring terms. We were unable to identify two students who would work consistently with the BCC during the school year, although we did have ASOSU representation at important meetings.


Name College/Unit Term Ends Sub-committee
Anderson, Chris Liberal Arts 2011 Fitness
Bailey, John Forestry 2009 Physical Sciences
Bernell, Dave Liberal Arts 2009 Physical Sciences
Cluskey, Mary Health and Human Sciences 2011 Fitness
Drapela, Nick Science 2011 Physical Sciences
Edwards, Barbara Science 2010 Fitness
Deitering, Anne Marie Library 2010 Fitness
Green, Cary Agriculture 2010 Fitness
Haak, Margie , Co-Chair Science 2010 Physical Sciences
Hammer, Roger Liberal Arts 2011 Fitness
Hunter-Zaworski, Kate -replaced Reuter Engineering 2010 Fitness
Hsu, Victor Science 2009 Physical Sciences
Lach, Denise , Co-Chair Liberal Arts 2009 Fitness
Lambrinos, John Agriculture 2010 Fitness
Reuter, Ron -dropped out mid-year Cascades, Forestry 2010 Fitness
Rogers, Shayna ASOSU Both
Ferris, Jill ASOSU Physical Sciences
Ede, Lisa (ex officio) WIC Director Fitness
Shaw, Susan (ex officio) DPD Director Fitness
Mallory-Smith, Carol EC Liaison Both

Science, Technology and Society Category Review

The review of the History of Science courses within the Science, Technology and Society category (originally scheduled for review in 2007-08) was postponed to 2010-2011. The postponement request (which appears in the November 19, 2008 minutes) cited faculty retirements and will provide an opportunity for new faculty to teach and/or revise the courses prior to the review. The specific courses are: HSTS 411, HSTS 412, HSTS 412 (ecampus), HSTS 413, HSTS 414, HSTS 415, HSTS 417, HSTS 417 (ecampus), HSTS 418, HSTS 418 (ecampus), HSTS 419, HSTS 421, HSTS 421 (ecampus), HSTS 423, and HSTS 425.

Physical Sciences Subcommittee

The Physical Sciences subcommittee met seven times during the 2008-2009 academic year with Margie Haak as the Co-Chair of the Subcommittee. The responsibility of this subcommittee was to conduct the Category Review for the Physical Sciences with Laboratory Category.

Physical Science with Laboratory Category Review

The subcommittee completed the reviews of all the courses in the Physical Science with Laboratory category. All but two of the courses were recommended for continuation in the Baccalaureate Core. The ecampus versions of CH 122 and CH 123 will be removed from the Physical Sciences with Laboratory category as soon as possible, most likely as of Winter 2010. The committee felt that the virtual lab used by the ecampus versions of these courses did not fulfill the mission of the category which is to provide a laboratory experience in a physical science discipline.

Category II Proposals

The Physical Sciences subcommittee also reviewed Category II proposals for CH 231, CH 232, CH 233, CH 261, CH 262, and CH 263. These courses are the ecampus equivalent of CH 221, CH 222, and CH 223, which are already part of the Physical Sciences with Laboratory category. CH 231 (lecture course) + CH 261 (laboratory course) is equivalent to CH 221, CH 232 (lecture) + CH 262 (laboratory) is equivalent to CH 222, and CH 233 (lecture) + CH 263 (laboratory) is equivalent to CH 223. Because these courses have adopted a hybrid model, with the lecture as web-based course and the laboratory held on campus in the OSU chemistry teaching labs, the committee felt that the students would receive a physical science laboratory experience, and so approved these courses as part of the Physical Science with Laboratory category, effective Fall 2009. Because the laboratory will be offered as an intensive three-day course, rather than once a week for the full 10 weeks of a term, the BCC will review these courses in two years to ensure that the condensed format is fulfilling the mission of the Physical Sciences with Laboratory category. Students will need to complete both the paired lecture and lab course to be awarded Baccalaureate Core credit.

Fitness Subcommittee

The Fitness Subcommittee met eight times during the 2008-2009 academic year with Denise Lach as the Co-Chair of the Subcommittee. Responsibilities of this subcommittee included conducting the Category Review for the Fitness Category and evaluating Category II proposals regarding Bacc Core courses including changes to WIC and DPD curriculum. The Physical Sciences subcommittee was asked to review a few Category II proposals that were closely related to their topic. These activities are described below.

Fitness Category Review

Due to financial considerations, the College of Health and Human Sciences proposed to eliminate all one-credit HHS Lab courses and allow students to substitute a PAC course to fulfill the activity portion of the Fitness Category. After review and discussion with the Department Chair and Fitness Course Coordinator, critical thinking elements of the Lab Courses were moved to the lecture component (HHS 231), interactive pedagogical elements were integrated into the course, and plans were made to provide GRAs to help grade assignments. After these changes were made to HHS 231, the BCC approved a proposal from HHS to allow students to take either an HHS Lab Course or a PAC course to fulfill the activity element of the Fitness Category. Students who have taken a PAC course in the past can retroactively use that course to fulfill this requirement. All students must still meet the requirements of HHS 231. The recommendation was passed to the Faculty Senate Executive Committee, which subsequently approved the recommendation. The new requirements for the Fitness Category will be in place starting fall term 2009. Because the Category Review was not completed this year due to the changes described above, we recommend that the Fitness Category be reviewed within the next three years.

Category II Proposals

We reviewed 29 proposals to create, modify, or eliminate Bacc Core, WIC, and/or DPD Courses. We approved the removal of HSTS designators on Bacc Core Courses to recognize the removal of HSTS designators in the History Department. These courses were NOT reviewed for meeting Bacc Core, WIC and/or DPA requirements and will be reviewed in depth during the appropriate Category Review. There are two courses with outstanding requests for modification (MUS 104 and BI 201). All proposals submitted by the end of spring term 2009 were acted on.


After consultation with the larger OSU community in regards to potential consequences of budget decisions and/or the findings from the Bacc Core review committee, the BCC proposed to the Faculty Senate Executive Committee that no Category II proposals for new Bacc Core courses be accepted next year (2009-2010) except for WIC and DPD courses. The BCC will review proposals for revisions/changes to existing Bacc Core courses and conduct the scheduled Category reviews. This proposal was accepted and forwarded to the OSU community at the end of spring term 2010. We recommend that this decision be reviewed at the end of the 2009-2010 academic year to determine if/when Category II proposals for new Bacc Core courses will be accepted.

Margie Haak and Roger Hammer have agreed to be Co-Chairs of the BCC for the academic year.

Category Reviews will be conducted next year for Social Processes and Institutions, Biological Science with Laboratory, and Math.