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Faculty Senate » Annual Report -- 2002-2003

Baccaulaureate Core Committee

Annual Report 2002-2003



Faculty Senate Executive Committee

Mary Burke, Chair
2002 - 2003 Baccalaureate Core Committee

2002 - 2003 Annual Report

The following were the major activities of the Baccalaureate Core Committee (BCC) over the past year.
  1. The BCC reviewed twenty-two proposals from OSU faculty members requesting curricular action. The committee approved twenty-one of the proposals (four following revision and resubmission); one was withdrawn.

  2. The committee reviewed four community college courses from LBCC and Mount Hood. Three were approved and one was rejected. The committee decided that community colleges submitting bac core proposals must meet the same criteria as OSU bac core courses.

  3. The committee continued its mandate to periodically review baccalaureate core courses:
      The BCC reviewed all Cultural Diversity courses that had been approved more than five years ago for continued baccalaureate core status in this area. Fifty-two courses were reviewed. Forty-three requests for continuation were approved, sometimes after discussion and revision. Four courses were removed from the category by the offering departments. Review of ENG 360, HST 350, 351, 381 and 382 was postponed until next year when faculty members return from sabbatical or new faculty members are hired to teach the courses.

  4. Along with the WIC director, the committee developed and approved guidelines for using an undergraduate thesis to fulfill the WIC requirements.

  5. In connection with OSU 2007, the BCC has submitted a review of the Enrollment Management Report. The committee felt strongly that review, implementation, etc., of curriculum needed to remain under the direction of Academic Programs. The committee also examined and replied to proposed changes in the bac core requirements.

  6. At the last meeting of the year, we meet with the Instructional Computing Coordinator to suggest changes to make the web site for category II proposals more users friendly. The committee also requested that our yearly review of bac core courses be set up so that it could also be done over the web.

The 2002-2003 members of the Baccalaureate Core Committee were: Mary Burke, Ed Jensen, Joe Kerkvliet, Janet Lee, Joanne Sorte, Ann Marie VanderZanden, Ruth Vondracek and Ex-officio members Vicki Tolar Burton and Jin Xing. Madge Patterson attended many of our meetings to help with development of web site.