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Faculty Senate » Annual Report -- 2001-2002

Baccaulaureate Core Committee

Annual Report 2001-2002


Faculty Senate Executive Committee
John W. Lee, Chair
2001-2002 Baccalaureate Core Committee
2001 - 2002 Annual Report

The following were the major activities of the Baccalaureate Core Committee (BCC) over the past year.
  1. The BCC reviewed twenty-two proposals from OSU faculty members requesting curricular action. The committee approved eighteen of the proposals (seven following revision and resubmission); four were withdrawn. In addition, one LBCC transfer course was approved and two are pending.

  2. The committee continued its mandate to periodically review baccalaureate core courses:

    1. The BCC completed its review of WIC courses begun last academic year. This year seventeen WIC courses were approved based on liaison with the affected departments. During the two-year review process, ninety-one courses were reviewed with the following results: sixty-four were approved for continued WIC status, twenty-two were withdrawn from WIC status by the offering departments, two lost WIC status when the departments did not participate in the review process for those courses, and three "thesis-WIC" courses that currently do not meet the WIC guidelines have had their WIC designation extended until June 15, 2003 at which time they must be modified to meet the WIC guidelines or they will lose their WIC status.

    2. The BCC reviewed all Perspectives Science/Lab courses that had been approved more than five years ago for continued baccalaureate core status in this area. Thirty-one courses were reviewed. All requests for continuation were approved, sometimes after discussion and revision. Two courses were removed from the category by mutual agreement of the offering department, the BCC, and the College of Engineering whose students were the principal clientele.

  3. The BCC and Academic Affairs still have not resolved how to treat transfer courses with regard to baccalaureate core status. Discussions continue. See last year's annual report for a summary of some of the issues. Here is one unresolved issue: The BCC is currently reviewing on-campus courses for continued baccalaureate core status. There is no similar review in progress or mechanism to accomplish this for transfer courses. The bottom line is that we have a system that approves off-campus courses in perpetuity and periodically reviews on-campus courses. Something has to change.

  4. In connection with OSU 2007, the BCC has submitted a review of the current baccalaureate core program and its central role in the education of our undergraduate students. That report is available at either

  5. The BCC also met with the Curricular Issues Core Planning Team - 4 to discuss curricular issues related to the baccalaureate core. The BCC provided input to the Planning Team that may be read at

The 2001-2002 members of the Baccalaureate Core Committee were: Bonnie Avery, Mary Burke, Ed Jensen, Janet Lee, John Lee, Kurt Peters, Ann Marie VanderZanden, student members Stephany Peebler and Darlene Vranas, and Ex-officio members Lisa Ede and Susan Shaw.