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Faculty Senate » Annual Report -- 1999-00

Baccaulaureate Core Committee

Annual Report 1999-00

 To:	    Faculty Senate Executive Committee

From:	 Michael Scanlan, Chair
	         Baccalaureate Core Committee

Re: 	   1999 - 2000 Annual Report

The following were the major activities of the Baccalaureate Core Committee over the past year.

1.  Thirty-eight requests for curricular action were reviewed from OSU. Of these all but three were approved.
In addition, nineteen community college courses were reviewed for articulation with the OSU Bac Core 
requirements. All except two of these were approved for some category in the Bac Core.

2.  At the request of the Executive Committee the BCC undertook a review of the Fitness requirement in
the Bac Core. After gathering information and after consultation with HHP and other constituencies, the 
committee produced a report recommending that the criteria be rewritten to make the course offerings under 
this heading more flexible. This approach was approved by the EC and working with Tony Wilcox of HHP a 
new set of criteria were written for consideration by the Faculty Senate next Fall.

3.  The committee undertook on its own to fulfill its mandate to periodically review the appropriateness of 
courses currently in the Bac Core. The committee decided that this should be done by reviewing courses 
whose approvals were older than 5 years in one category of the core each year for the next several years. 
For this year it was decided to review courses in the Western Culture category. Information requests were 
sent to departments offering such courses. Using this information, such as current syllabi, the committee 
was able to determine that all of the courses involved continue to meet the criteria for the Western Culture 

4.  The committee cooperated with the DPD Task Force in its review of the Bac Core requirement.

5.  The committee proposed changes in Criteria 1 for the courses in the Perspectives categories of the core. 
It also proposed changes in the Standing Rules, notably in having the DPD Director, WIC Director, and 
Director of Undergraduate Academic Programs as nonvoting ex-officio committee members. These proposals 
have gone to the Executive Committee for action.

The 1999-00 members of the Baccalaureate Core Committee were: Bonnie Avery, John Lee, Bob Jarvis, 
Kurt Peters, Satish Reddy, Michael Scanlan, Christine Snow, and Susan Shaw, Ex-officio.