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Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate » 2010-2011

Administrative Appointments Committee

2010-2011 Annual Report

2010-2011 Membership

Jun Xing, Chair '13 Ethnic Studies
Elizabeth Etherington '11 Forest Science
Kate Hunter-Zaworski '11 Civil Engineering
Kurt Peters '11 Ethnic Studies
Alex Sanchez '12 Education
Jim McAlexander '12 Business
Eric Alexander '12 Educational Activities
Peggy Dolcini '13 Public Health
Kelly Kozisek '13 Procurement/Contract Services

Executive Committee Liaison: Leslie Burns

Activities in the 2010-11 Academic Year

Standing Rules Update Recommendations
The AAC Standing Rules have not been updated for over a decade since 1998. In response to a request from the Senate President and the university administration, AAC members met many times over the year, discussing possible changes and updates for the Standing Rules. In February, formal recommendations were sent to the Committee on Committees for further action by the Senate. The Faculty Senate approved the attached Standing Rules revisions on June 9, 2011.

The AAC was asked to provide input into eight searches this year. Initially, requests were made quite late in the search process, mostly asking for AAC representation on search committees only. The AAC chair met with provost office staff in December. The meeting clarified key search procedures and AAC functions, after which AAC were engaged at earlier points and the AAC was able to provide more complete feedback into the search process. The eight searches for which AAC was involved with specific AAC representatives were listed below:

  1. Dean of Education: Eric Alexander
  2. University Librarian: Eric Alexander
  3. Associate Provost for International Programs: Alex Sanchez
  4. University Ombuds: Alex Sanchez
  5. Alumni Director: Jim McAlexander
  6. VP for Marketing and University Relations: Jun Xing
  7. Director for Budget and Finance: Liz Etherington
  8. Gradual School Dean: Liz Etherington

Future Recommendations
To better perform AAC functions, current members have made the following recommendations for future committee members:

  1. Hold an orientation for new AAC members, inviting the Faculty Senate President to join, at the beginning of Fall term;
  2. Conduct Search Advocate Training for all AAC Members;
  3. Schedule an end-of-the-year AAC meeting to debrief on searches for the year and draft the annual report collectively.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jun Xing, AAC Chair