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Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate » Annual Report 1998-99

Administrative Appointments Committee

Annual Report 1998-99

Committee Members               Term Expires                      Unit

Ann Asbell, Chair			      1999		Exercise and Sports Science
Mike Burke	             1999		  Agricultural Sciences 
Ed McDowell				       1999		Industrial & Manufacturing Engr.
May Ying Chau				      2000	       Information Services
Walt Loveland				        2000		 Chemistry
Teresa Sawyer				       2000		Botany & Plant Pathology
Jodi Engel	              2001		    Education
Brenda McCullough			     2001	      Foreign Language & Literature
Fred Obermille				         2001		  Agricultural & Resource Economics

Search Committees on which Administrative Appointments Committee Members Served

Dean, College of Forestry 
Assigned  November 11, 1998 - Work still in progress
Mike Burke
May Ying Chau 

Dean, Distance and Continuing Education 
Assigned March 5, 1999 - Work still in progress
Fred Obermiller 

Director of Financial Aid
Search completed and successful
Jodi Engel

Interim Dean, College of  Science  
Assigned approximately June 10 - interviews concluded - negotiations taking place
Ann Asbell

Discussion Items
The AA committee met as a group December 2, 1998.  Items of discussion were:
  • What are the responsibilities of committee members? This will be different each time. If there is internal stress within a unit, the AA representative adds an unbiased voice and can help solidify the faculty/staff on the search committee. The AA member can bring a different perspective to the search committee. An AA representative assures general faculty representation and should be a fully participating member of the search committee. When reviewing candidates the AA representative should look for evidence of participation on and/or interaction with faculty governance bodies by the candidates.
  • How many people from the AA Committee should serve on search committees? Up to 3 people can be appointed. For a dean's search, one representative is sufficient provided there is adequate faculty representation and diversity.
  • Which searches would be taking place in 1998-99 that are know as of this date. Future Project Incoming president, Ken Williamson, met with Ann Asbell, January 15. He suggested that the AA Committee gather information on the number of each type of search that had taken place through the years, probably the last 5-10 years. The types are: full search, waiver of search, and accelerated search. It was not decided whether this information would be gathered on administrative searches only or all searches. The purpose of gathering this information would be to inform the Faculty Senate. No members of the 1998-99 Committee were interested in starting this research at this time. Respectfully Submitted, 7/20/99 Ann Asbell, chair 737-6811