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Academic Regulations Committee

Academic Requirements Committee
Annual Report 2000-2001
July 13, 2001 TO: Henry Sayre
Faculty Senate President
FROM: Charlotte Vickers, Chair
Academic Requirements Committee
Members: Ataa Akyeampong, Larry Flick, Sarah Ann Hones, Kim McAlexander, Barbara Moon, & Clay Torset
Heather Chermak & Mary Rhodes (ex-officio)

SUBJECT: Annual Report 2000-2001

The Academic Requirements Committee (ARC) met weekly during academic year 2000-2001, from one and one-half hours to three hours each week, to review and make decisions on petitions from students requesting exceptions to the OSU Academic Regulations. The ARC also met every other week during the summer of 2000. The OSU Registrar's office maintains statistics related to the decisions made by the ARC. A summary of the 2000-2001 decisions is at the end of this report.

In my opinion, the Academic Requirements Committee is one of the hardest working committees on campus. This year's committee was well informed on academic regulations and requirements and careful to follow academic guidelines to the best of our ability. Petitions were read individually and determined on an individual basis with thoughtful, compassionate consideration given to extenuating circumstances.

Mary Rhodes, Associate Registrar, and Heather Chermak, Assistant Registrar, were the ex-officio representatives from the Registrar's Office to the committee. The ARC is thankful to the Registrar's Office for their support and assistance. They provide all requested material and information in a timely manner. They are responsible for organizing thousands of petitions and talking to hundreds of students and faculty members. The faculty and staff of the Registrar's Office performed their jobs admirably and with dedication.

Recommendations for 2001-2002:

1. After the term begins, the auditing registration period has a narrow five day window as compared to a two week window of opportunity to add/drop. The ARC reviewed a number of petitions for auditing simply because of this narrower time period. The ARC therefore recommends an identical time frame for auditing as there is for add/drops. Students pay the same fees whether they are enrolled for credit or enrolled to audit a class. The majority of requests to audit come from graduate students. This expanded "window of opportunity" allows a student to audit a course and to broaden their scope of knowledge without suffering the consequences of receiving a low grade.

2. Pursue faculty and advisor training regarding Academic Regulations with particular emphasis on University deadlines such as add/drop and withdrawal as well as how to correctly complete their portion of various petitions. A number of petitions throughout the year were simply sent back to the student or faculty member with instructions to complete the form correctly with adequate information. Correctly completed petitions help the ARC to make timely, informed decisions.

3. The ARC has seen an increase in petitions because of problems associated with Distance Education courses. We foresee a tremendous increase in petitions for extension of incompletes alone. Distance Education offers expanded educational opportunities but it also brings with it unique problems. Closer coordination/tracking of Distance Education students will be necessary in the future.

Academic Requirements Committee Final Report
Approved Denied Total % Total Notes
Grade Changes By Petition 36 76 112 5%
Special Exams 44 0 44 2%
Add/Drop 1591 175 1766 71%
Withdraw Course 225 106 331 13%
Misc, Extend I or Audit 162 4 166 7%
Withdraw University 30 12 42 2%
Total 2088 373 2461 100%
2000-2001 Academic Requirements Committee
Barbara Balz, Registrar
Mary Rhodes, Associate Registrar
Heather Chermak, Assistant Registrar