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Academic Regulations Committee

Academic Requirements Committee

Annual Report 1999-00

July 11, 2000

TO:	      	      Gordon Matzke
			Faculty Senate President

FROM:	   	   Jane Siebler, Chair
			Academic Requirements Committee
			Members:  Ataa Akyeampong, Larry Flick, Kim McAlexander, 
			Clay Torset, Charlotte Vickers, Heather Chermak (ex-officio)

SUBJECT:	Annual Report 1999-2000

The Academic Requirements Committee (ARC) met weekly during academic year 1999-2000, from one and 
one-half hours to three hours each week, to review and make decisions on petitions from students requesting 
exceptions to the OSU Academic Regulations. The ARC also met every other week during the summer of 1999.  
The OSU Registrar's Office maintains statistics related to the decisions made by the ARC.  A summary of 
1999-2000 decisions is at the end of this report.  The Academic Requirements Committee is one of the hardest 
working on campus, and this year's team was extremely committed and careful in all their deliberations.  In 
addition to strong group process skills, committee members shared an appropriate sense of humor and a great 
love of helpful snacks.  This committee deserves applause for a job very well done.

The Faculty Senate charged the 1999-2000 ARC to maintain an independent role from the Registrar's Office 
and to interface with the Graduate School Committee to look at procedures covering petitions from graduate 
students.  The Committee also answered the charge of the 1998-99 Committee to follow-up with the Academic 
Regulations Committee concerning various regulations.  These charges are addressed in the following section 
of this report.

Relationship with the OSU Registrar's Office:

	Assistant Registrar Heather Chermak was the ex-officio representative from the Registrar's Office 
to the committee.  Mary Rhodes, newly hired Associate Registrar, began training in May to assume the 
ex-officio role for the upcoming year. The ARC maintains appropriate independence from the Registrar's 
Office and is thankful to the Registrar's Office for their support and help.  The Registrar's Office provides 
all requested materials and information in a very timely way.  This office also provides necessary information 
to petitioning students accurately and on-time.  The ARC enjoyed working with Heather, Mary, and Registrar's 
Office staff to serve OSU students with compassion, care and competence.  Special thanks go to Lavon 
Reese for organizing thousands of pages of materials and talking to hundreds of students and faculty 

Interface with Graduate School Committee:

	The Graduate Office responded positively and appropriately to the ARC's request to provide more 
guidance to petitioning graduate students and the ARC.  This year's volume of Graduate student petitions 
was lower, and helpful comments and information were provided by administrators in the Graduate Office.  
With this increased attention to graduate student petitions from the Graduate School, the ARC believes 
there is not the need to pursue separate ARC entities for undergraduates and graduates.  Thus, the ARC 
did not interface with the Graduate School Committee to seek out this remedy.

Follow up with Academic Regulations Committee:

	a. Extension of Incomplete grades beyond one year was not addressed.
	b. Standardization of deadlines for audit/withdrawal and change of grading basis was deferred by 
	the Academic Regulations committee for at least another year.  That Committee believed that the 
	Faculty Senate had debated this issue so recently that revisiting it was premature.
	c. Agreed that the Academic Requirements Committee would stay involved with petitions under AR 28, 
	Substitutions.  Regulations believed that the ARC was the last point of faculty review for such 

Recommendations for 2000-2001:

1. Continue to pursue posting student's petition results on the Web.
2. Follow-up with Academic Regulations Committee for changes to extensions of Incomplete grade deadlines 
and audit/withdrawal deadlines.
3. Continue to pursue faculty and advisor training regarding the Academic Regulations in general and drop, 
withdrawal and audit deadlines in particular. 
4. Continue work with the Registrar's Office to facilitate understanding and adherence to academic requirements 
and regulations by students and faculty in Distance and Continuing Education.

					Academic Requirements Committee Final Report						
					        Approved	Denied          Total	      % Total Notes	
Grade Changes by Petition	     34		      55		   89		      3%  (65 preapproved)	
Special Exams				    82		     3		           85		      3%		
Add/Drop				       1973	       88	            2061	      78%  (1340 preapproved)	
Withdraw Course			          156		  76		       232                9%		
Misc, Extend I or Grad Req	      136	       6	            142		       5%		
Withdraw University			   26		  12		        38		    1%		
TOTAL					        2407	      240	            2647	     100%		

Copies:  1999-2000 Academic Requirements Committee
	   Barbara Balz, Registrar
	   Heather Chermak, Assistant Registrar
	   Mary Rhodes, Associate Registrar