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Academic Regulations Committee

Academic Requirements Committee

Annual Report 1998-99

July 14, 1999

TO:                  Kenneth Williamson
                       Faculty Senate President

FROM:            Tracy Bentley-Townlin, Chair
                       Academic Requirements Committee
                       Members:  Larry Flick, Kim McAlexander, Jane Siebler, Neil Eldin, Kurt Peters,  
                       Barbara Roth, Ataa Akyeampong, Heather Chermak or Ron Oliveira ( Ex-Officio: 

SUBJECT:    Annual Report 1998-99

The Academic Requirements Committee (ARC) met weekly during 1998-99, from one and one-half 
hours to two and one-half hours, to review and make decisions on petitions from students requesting 
exceptions to the academic regulations.  A summary of these decisions appear at the end of this 
report.  In addition, the committee was involved with reviewing the academic regulations to determine if 
the regulations support 21st century higher education programs. The committee also reviewed and 
revised the standing rules for the committee.  I would like to thank the committee for their hard work, 
integrity and  humor which allowed us to be successful.

Review of Medical Withdrawals:

The recommendations from 1997-98 requested continued discussions with the Student Health Center 
concerning medical documentation of illnesses.  At that time, it was the Health Center's policy not to 
provide medical excuses for absenteeism from classes or exams.  However, the ARC believed that 
medical information is sometimes needed when a student requests a late withdrawal from an 
individual course or from the term.

In summer of 1998, I met with Lora Jasman to discuss methods by which the committee would 
receive information regarding an illness without having the Physican placed in the position of making 
the decision of whether or not the student could have persisted in a class or for the term.  A new form 
was developed which appears to satisfy both Student Health Services and the ARC.

In November 1998, Maggie Niess and later Ken Williamson requested the committee to review all of 
the academic regulations in light of the new budget model.  Attached are the recommendations made 
to the Academic Regulation Committee and the Faculty Senate.

Recommendations for 1999-2000

1.  Post results of student's petition on the Web.  
2.  Investigate the possibility of having an ARC for Graduate students and one for Undergraduate 
3.  Follow up with Academic Regulations Committee the recommendations for changes to the 
     academic regulations.  Specifically:
                   a.  extension of Incompletes beyond one year.
                   b.  standardize deadlines for audits/ withdrawals and change of grading

4.  Provide training for Faculty regarding Academic Regulations.

cc:	1998-99 Academic Requirements Committee
	  Barbara Balz, Registrar
	  Ron Oliveira, Associate Registrar
	  Leslie Burns, Director of  Undergraduate Academic Programs

AR 1 b. 3) Written endorsement to the Academic Requirements Committee by the office of the dean 
          of the college in which the student wishes to register as a degree candidate.  ARC does not 
          review special undergraduate admissions.  Recommendation:  Regulations Committee reviews 
          and identification of correct committee

AR 2.  Credit from a two year institution (Undergraduate students) We did not have a concern with 

AR 3.  Credit from an unaccredited Institution.  We did not have any concerns.  It was noted that there 
           is no longer a 2d for AR 2. Recommendation:  Regulations needs to revise.

AR 4.  Classifying Students - No concerns

AR 5.  Transfer from one college to another.  No concerns

AR 6.  Change in Credits Scheduled.  No concerns

AR 7.  Maximum and Minimum Registration.
	a. The information in ( ) does not make sense.  Needs to be revised.
	a. 2) States that ARC approves petitions for over 24 credits.  ARC usually adheres to  
                recommendation from the student's advisor and college dean.  Recommendation:  
                Regulations need to review to see if this portion of AR 7 is still required.  We propose 
                collapsing 1 and 2.  Have the college be responsible.

AR 7 b.  No concerns

AR 8.  Late Registration   - No concerns

AR 9.  Admission to Class
	a. - no concerns
	b. - Why are audited coursed not shown on registration?
	c.  Have Regulations review the need to have a no-show-drop policy.  We believe it is too 
             confusing for the students. Some students believe they will be dropped and fail to act.  
             Resulting in a petition. Is this policy still needed.

AR 10  - Eligibility
	a. Students with disabilities can be considered full time while attending 3/4 time. This 
            accommodation is based on documentation.
	b. is being reviewed by the Faculty Senate Academic Regulation Committee  

AR 11 - Adding and Dropping Courses
	a.  no concern
	b.  no concern
	c.  discussion about not having any add /drop fees for the first week of the term.  Should 
             students have the opportunity to check out a class prior to committing to the class.  
             ARC recommends Add/drop fees begin the 6th day of class.  

AR 12 - Withdrawal from Individual Courses
	a.  needs to be clearer.  Recommendation: Students may withdraw from a course with a W 
             grade after the tenth day of classes by the Friday of the seventh week of classes. Refer to 
             the calendar for time deadline.

   *  We also believe that Faculty Senate should still discuss the need for this regulation.  ARC is still 
split on requesting that the deadline be extended until  the Friday prior to Finals Week instead of the 
seventh week.

 AR 13 Withdrawal from the University
	a.  needs clarification.  Recommendation:   
	a.  Any student in good standing (See AR 22) is entitled to withdraw without prejudice at any 
             time prior to and including the Friday prior to the beginning of Final Week. Refer to 
             calendar for time deadline. 
	b.  confusion about withdrawing with I grades due to an emergency. Recommendation: place 
        c.  Under AR17  or craft a new AR to deal with I grades.

AR 14 Attendance
	There was no proposed changes.  There was discussion about what % of the grade can be 
based on attendance.  Some faculty believe that they can not use attendance to  when calculating  a 
students' grade. Perhaps Jennifer Cornell's (CLA Curriculum Committee) recommendation of Feb 20th 
should be considered.

AR 15 Honesty in Academic Work
	No concerns

AR 16 - Final Week
	In general - we believe that Regulations should review AR 16.  What is written is not 
        happening in practice. There are final exam given during dead week.
	c.  Final examination may not be changed to the week preceding Final Week without 
             approval of the Academic Requirements Committee.  This is definitely not happening.  If 
             Regulations should decide to keep A. & B. we question why ARC needs to approve this.

AR 17 Grades 
	There was a question about "I"s.  The policy states....The I is only granted at the discretion of 
the instructor.  If a student misses the final without notification and approval acceptable to the in to the 
instructor, the instructor will report the grade that is appropriate for the requirements of the course.  
The instructor states the deficiency and the deadline for completing the missing work on the grade 
roster.  The additional time awarded shall in no case exceed one calendar year......  The wording 
seems to indicate that extensions of I's should not happen. Should I's be granted after one year? If it 
is acceptable... what is reasonable time limit for an extension beyond the first year? Because this is 
an academic decision,  ARC has authorized  the Registrar to approve these petitions  if approved by 
instructor and department.  Due to new forms, there is no place for the faculty to document the 
deficiency. Regulation needs to redefine where, if necessary, the deficiency needs to be recorded.

	Part II - An instructor may move to correct a grade erroneously given by filing a Change of 
Grade Card in the Registrar's Office.  The Academic Requirements Committee routinely reviews grade 
changes.  I believe the registrar has been authorized to do this if the is a grade and instructor and 
head adviser or dean approval.
AR 18 Alternative Grading Systems
	The committee had no concerns

AR 19 Grade Points
	Recently revised, no concerns

AR 20 Repeated Courses
	Recently developed, no concerns
AR 21 Honor Roll
	No concerns

AR 22 Satisfactory Academic Standing
	No concerns

AR 23 Special Examination for Credit
	a.  Some discussion to reconsider whether or not a student can take an exam for credit in the 
             term in which he or she completes requirements for graduation.
	b.  should be reexamined in light of the PASS (Proficiency Based Admission System) which 
             will be in effect at OSU in Fall 2001.  Students coming in from high school at a higher 
             proficiency level may wish to test for credit.  Currently our regulations does not allow 
             credit based on work done in high school.

AR24 Special Examination for Waiver
	 No concerns

AR 25 Institutional Requirements for Baccalaureate Degrees
          In general, distance education changes some of the AR requirements.  Deadlines for add/drops 
etc. are different.  Need clarification on the timelines for distant education classes and overlays. 
Recommendation:  Registrar and distance education develop consistent timelines.

	f.  Academic Residence:
		1.  Residence needs to be redefined in light of distance education
		2.  Concern about National Student Exchanges.  NSE courses should be treated in 
                     the same manner as International Exchange course.  NSE courses should count 
                     as OSU credit. 
		3.  A student must be enrolled in (not at) OSU, in regular standing,....
	h.  Restrictions
		5)  does this include summer school? Policy not clear.

AR 26. Concurrent and Subsequent Baccalaureate Degrees
	No concern

AR 27 Subsequent Credentials
	No concern

AR 28 Substitutions.
	Substitutions for institutional requirements may be made only with the approval of the dean of 
the college... and of the Academic Requirements Committee.  This is not happening.  Regulations 
need to be revised to reflect current policy. Recommendation: Remove ARC.  The final decision 
remains with the Dean of the College. 

AR 29 Graduation Exercises
	No concerns

AR 30 Auditing Courses
	We propose a major revision of AR 30.  Student should be able to sign up to audit a class.  
The professor can make the decision whether to grant permission or not.  The time allowed to audit a 
course should be changed. Recommend that the deadline to audit a class be changed to  the same 
dates as changing to S/U grading and withdrawing from a class.