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Oregon State University Distinguished Service Award

November 21, 2012


TO: Deans, Directors
Department Heads/Chairs
FROM: Faculty Recognition and Awards Committee
RE: OSU Distinguished Service Award

One of the traditional elements of Oregon State University's Commencement ceremony is the formal recognition, through the OSU Distinguished Service Award, of individuals or organizations who have made exceptional contributions, or have rendered unusual service to the University. The Faculty Recognition and Awards Committee is now soliciting nominations for the 2013 Oregon State University Distinguished Service Award. Selection for this award is a significant honor. We urge you to consider nominating individuals or organizations that meet the criteria outlined below, and for whom recognition from Oregon State University would be meaningful. This award represents a unique opportunity to give something back to those who have made a difference to OSU. Persons or organizations receiving the award need not be employees of OSU. Generally, the Distinguished Service Award is not awarded to current staff members or persons with emeritus status, except under unusual circumstances.

In completing nominations, please select and write supportive materials carefully. Keep in mind that (1) the quality of supporting materials is more important than the quantity, and (2) the nomination letter and letters of support should explicitly address the criteria.

Nomination packets must include the following:
(1) name, address, email, and position of the person(s) making the nomination;
(2) name, address, email, and position of the individual or organization being nominated;
(3) a nomination letter, not to exceed three pages, including a description of the specific nature of the contribution or service upon which the nomination is being based; and
4) supporting evidence including letters of support, not to exceed two pages, from a total of two or three reviewers who address the following:
  • candidate's exceptional contributions to OSU,
  • evidence that the nominee's service is recognized widely by peers and colleagues at OSU.
Signatures on the letters and supporting documents must be included but may be electronic.

The original copy of the nomination form must be submitted to the Faculty Senate Office upon submission of the electronic copy; paper clip the original only – do not staple nor place it in a folder or binder. One original and one copy of the completed nomination packet, consisting of 1" margins using at least 12 point font, must be submitted by 9:00 AM on April 25, 2015 to:

Faculty Recognition and Awards Committee
c/o OSU Faculty Senate Office
107 Gilkey Hall
Corvallis OR 97331-6203

The committee screens all nominations and submits the names of eligible candidates to the University President for further consideration. The names of those approved by the President will then be presented to the Faculty Senate Executive Committee for final consideration in a closed session.

Please note: The nomination packet for the successful recipient becomes University property and will not be returned to the nominator.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact the Faculty Senate Office at or 541-737-6268.