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Officers for 2011 and members of the Executive Committee

  • President: Jeff Johnson (EOU) email: jjohnson@eou.edu 541-962-3578
  • Vice President: Vice President: Sarah Andrews-Collier (PSU) email andrews@pdx.edu 503-725-4603 & 503-725-4416; fax 503.725.4499 or 4624
  • Secretary: John Rueter (PSU) email: rueterj@pdx.edu 503-725-8038.
  • Provost Council Rep: Grant Kirby(OIT) email: grant.kirby@oit.edu 503-821-1273.
  • Past President: Joel Alexander, (WOU) email: alexanj@wou.edu (503) 838-8355
  • Documents and other information

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