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Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate » February 4, 1999 Agenda


Thursday, February 4, 1999
3:00-5:00 PM
Construction & Engineering Hall
LaSells Stewart Center

The agenda for the February Senate meeting will include the reports and other items of business listed below. To be approved are the minutes of the January Senate meeting, as published and distributed to Senators.

    Proposed Distinguished Service Award Revision
    Laura Connolly, Faculty Recognition and Awards Chair, will present a proposed revision (attached) to the selection process for the Distinguished Service Award.

    Internal Budget Allocation
    Provost and Executive Vice President Roy Arnold

    1. Marketing
      Jill Schuster, Director of Marketing, will report on the status of OSU's marketing efforts.
    2. Copyright
      Danny Shapiro, Multimedia Copyright Manager, will report on electronic copyright resources available on campus.

    1. IFS, AOF, AAUP Joint Meeting
      Mark your calendar! The joint meeting of IFS, AOF and AAUP will be held May 8 in the CH2M HILL Alumni Center. Details will be available at a later date.
    2. Promotion & Tenure Process
      The Faculty Senate Promotion & Tenure Committee is sponsoring a discussion on the OSU Promotion & Tenure Process February 25 from noon to 1:00 PM in MU 206. This discussion will be especially valuable to department heads, and department and college Promotion & Tenure committee members and should be of interest to all faculty. The session could be valuable to all faculty who are updating their current position description. Faculty will have an opportunity to ask and clarify questions.

      Topics to be covered are:

      The P&T Process
      Definition and Documentation of Scholarship
      The Position Description
      The Candidate Statement
      The Vita
      Letters of Evaluation
      What is confidential - What do the waivers mean?
      Student and Advisee Evaluations
      Evaluation of Teaching

      Andy Hashimoto, Associate Provost, Duane Johnson, Chair of the Faculty Senate Promotion & Tenure Committee, and other members of the Faculty Senate Promotion & Tenure Committee will assist with the session.

      Additional sessions will be scheduled for Spring and Fall Terms.

    3. Faculty Awards Deadline
      March 5 is the deadline for submitting nominations for the following awards: D. Curtis Mumford Faculty Service Award, OSU Alumni Association Distinguished Professor Award, Elizabeth P. Ritchey Distinguished Professor Award, Dar Reese Excellence in Advising Award, Richard M. Bressler Senior Faculty Teaching Award, OSU Extended Education Faculty Achievement Award and Outstanding Faculty Research Assistant Award.

      Criteria for these awards may be obtained from the Faculty Senate Office. Nominations are to be submitted to the Faculty Recognition and Awards Committee, in care of the Faculty Senate Office.

    4. OSBHE Faculty Nominees
      Attached is a letter from Anthony Wilcox, Bylaws and Nominations Chair, to be forwarded to the Interinstitutional Faculty Senate by IFS Representative Carroll DeKock informing IFS of: 1) OSU faculty selected as nominees to be appointed to the Oregon State Board of Higher Education and 2) the OSU Faculty Senate approved Nominating Process.

    President Ken Williamson




    TO: Ken Williamson

    OSU Faculty Senate President

    FROM: Laura Connolly

    Chair, Faculty Recognition and Awards Committee

    DATE: January 28, 1999

    RE: Proposed change in the selection procedure for the OSU Distinguished Service Award

    As you know, I met with the Executive Committee on January 6, 1999 to discuss our proposal to amend the selection procedure for the OSU Distinguished Service Award. The Executive Committee asked me to bring this recommendation before the full Faculty Senate at the February meeting. This memo outlines the current selection procedures, our recommended changes, and our reasons for making these suggestions.

    On behalf of the committee, I would like to thank you and the senators for considering this proposal.

  8. Current selection procedure i. The DSA is not awarded to current or emeritus faculty/staff (except under unusual circumstances)
    ii. The Faculty Recognition and Awards Committee (FRAC) reviews nomination packets for completeness, but does not choose the recipient.
    iii. The OSU President makes his/her selection(s).
    iv. The OSU Faculty Senate approves or rejects the president's choice(s).
    v. The award(s) is/are presented at commencement.
  9. Proposed change The FRAC recommends that responsibility for approval or rejection of president's choice be transferred from full the Faculty Senate to the Faculty Senate Executive Committee.
  10. Reason for proposed change The current procedure requires nominations for the DSA to be submitted at least one month earlier than other awards reviewed by the FRAC. The change would allow the deadline to coincide with that of the other awards while still providing adequate time to notify the recipient and make arrangements for commencement.
  11. Advantages of proposed change
  12. i. It expedites the selection process.
    ii. It may increase the number of nominations received.
    iii. It may give the faculty more input because the smaller size of the EC means that EC members may be more likely to debate the president's choice(s) than members of the full senate. I. Disadvantage of proposed change Fewer faculty members have an opportunity to debate president's choice. This could counteract the effect described in section D.iii. above. Possible solution: invite all interested faculty (or senators) to attend the EC meeting while selection is discussed.
    Problem: Names of potential recipients cannot be announced in advance.

    * * * * * *

    January 12, 1999

    Carroll DeKock, Senator
    Interinstitutional Faculty Senate
    Oregon State University

    Dear Carroll:

    At its January 7, 1999 meeting, the Faculty Senate of Oregon State University endorsed a process for nominating a faculty member to the State Board of Higher Education and endorsed three faculty nominees from OSU. As OSU's most senior Senator to the IFS, I am asking you to inform the IFS of the OSU Senate's actions and to deliver the Executive Appointment Interest Forms for the nominees to the IFS for consideration by the Nominating Committee.

    Nominating Process

    Upon the recommendation of the Bylaws and Nominations Committee, the Faculty Senate passed by majority vote the following process for nominating a faculty member to the State Board of Higher Education. Please bring to the attention of IFS that Step 3 of the nominating process endorsed by OSU differs from that distributed by IFS President Kemble Yates. To avoid the vagueness of language in the original proposal, specific references were added to Step 3 (the revisions are underlined).

    1. Engage institution Faculty Senates in identifying qualified and willing candidates for the position. Have each institution forward its nominations to a Nominating Committee through their IFS Senator by January 15, 1999.

    2. A Nominating Committee consisting of faculty from IFS, AOF, and statewide AAUP will select no more than 3 names to submit to the Governor.

    3. These names will be shared with each Faculty Senate and other faculty leadership groups (e.g., AOF, AAUP) for endorsement prior to submission to the Governor.

    4. The finalists' applications will be sent to the Governor.

    Faculty Nominees from OSU

    The OSU Faculty Senate endorsed the following three faculty nominees for consideration by the Nominating Committee for selection as faculty nominees from the Oregon University System:

    Kelvin Koong, Associate Dean, College of Agricultural Sciences;
    Associate Director, Oregon Agricultural Experiment Stations
    Clara Pratt, Barbara E. Knudson Endowed Chair in Family Policy
    Gary Tiedeman, Professor, Sociology

    The Executive Appointments Interest Form for each nominee is enclosed.

    According to the December 9, 1998 letter from IFS President Yates, the Nominating Committee will have a representative from each of the OUS campuses. With each campus submitting one or more nominees, it is likely that the majority of the faculty nominees will be unknown to most of the members of the Nominating Committee. The Executive Appointments Interest Forms and supporting vitae may permit the Nominating Committee to screen the original pool of nominees to a short list, with the ultimate objective of the Committee being to derive a list of no more than three nominees. During the course of our campus's deliberations, an idea surfaced that I believe warrants consideration by the IFS and the Nominating Committee: Once a short list is determined, the Nominating Committee should interview those faculty still under consideration to be better informed when making its final recommendations.

    On behalf of the OSU Faculty Senate, I wish to express my appreciation for the initiative taken by IFS in overseeing this nomination process. We are hopeful that Governor Kitzhaber will use the input provided by IFS and the Nominating Committee and appoint a faculty member to the Board when the next vacancy occurs.


    Anthony Wilcox, Chair
    Bylaws and Nominations Committee
    OSU Faculty Senate

    c: Kenneth Williamson, President OSU Faculty Senate