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Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate » November 6, 1997 Agenda


Thursday, November 6, 1997
3:00-5:00 PM
Construction & Engineering Hall
LaSells Stewart Center

The agenda for the November Senate meeting will include the reports and other items of business listed below. To be approved are the minutes of the June and October Senate meetings, as published and distributed to Senators.

    1. Information Services
      Curt Pederson, Associate Provost for Information Services

    1. Approval of the 1998 Apportionment Table (p. 1)
      The 1998 Apportionment Table (consisting of OSU FTE in the ranks of Instructor and above, including Professional Faculty and Faculty Research Assistants), is attached for Senate approval.

    2. Faculty Senate Nominations/Elections (p. 2)
      Ken Krane, Bylaws and Nominations Committee Chair, will present the Committee report which includes nominees for the 1998 Senate President-Elect, three new members of the Executive Committee, and an Interinstitutional Faculty Senate representative. The President-Elect serves for one year, then automatically assumes the presidency of the Senate; Executive Committee members serve two-year terms; and IFS terms are three years.

      As provided in the Senates Bylaws, (Article VI, Section 3) and amended on October 6, 1977, "additional nominations may be made from the floor and the nominations shall be closed." The Executive Committee recommends that if such nominations from the floor are made, the nominator must obtain, in advance, the nominee's willingness to serve if elected. The names of all nominees will be submitted to be published in the November 13 issue of OSU THIS WEEK.

      The University-wide election of the President-Elect and IFS representative will be conducted between November 14 and December 2. Ballots are to be distributed simultaneously to all members of the OSU faculty included in the apportionment table, in accordance with current Faculty Senate Bylaws. Signed ballots received in the Faculty Senate Office, no later than 5:00 PM on December 2, will be counted by the Counting Committee prior to the December 4 Faculty Senate meeting. In the case of two candidates per elected position, the individual receiving the highest number of votes will be declared the winner in each of the elections. If more than two candidates are on the ballot for one position, a preferential ballot will be in effect and vote counting will follow specific procedures for this ballot.

      Election of new members of the Executive Committee will take place at the December 4 meeting of the Faculty Senate, and will be conducted by written ballot. Those candidates receiving the highest number of votes shall be elected. Tie votes shall be resolved by written ballot in a run-off election.

    3. Ballot Counting Committee
      Three volunteers are needed to assist in counting the president-elect and IFS ballots on December 3 at 1:30 PM; President Wilcox will ask for volunteers from the floor.

    All Senate committees and councils are to report to the Senate and describe their work for the year. In most instances, the reports are for the information of the Senate, and committee chairs may not be present at the Senate meeting. These reports may contain specific recommendations and express views upon which further consideration could be taken. Questions regarding a report should be directed to the chair (prior to the meeting, through the departmental affiliation), or the Senate president, if appropriate.

    Academic Advising Council, No report received
    Academic Standing Committee, No report received
    Promotion and Tenure Committee, Duane Johnson, Chair (pp. 3-8)
    Student Recognition and Awards Committee, Karrie George, Chair (pp. 9-10)

    1. Interinstitutional Faculty Senate Recap
      A recap of the October IFS meeting was distributed via e-mail. If you did not receive a copy of this report, please contact the Faculty Senate Office.

    2. Senator Representation Summary for 1996/97 (p. 11)
      Attached is a summary of Senator attendance by apportionment unit for academic year 1996/97. In addition to the attached report, each Dean or head of an apportionment unit will also receive an attendance report by individual Senator for their unit. If an individual is eligible to be re-elected to the Faculty Senate, faculty members may view this report to determine the representation received from each Senator during the past year. This report may also be viewed in the Faculty Senate Office or in the Valley Library Reserve Book Room (ask for Faculty Senate materials). Please note that the bylaws state, "In the event of a Senator's absence, without providing a substitute, for three meetings during one year, the position will be declared vacant by the apportionment unit and filled by the nominee with the next highest number of votes at the most recent election."

    3. Instructions for Nomination and Election of Faculty Senators (pp. 12-13)
      Upon receipt of all materials, the Faculty Senate Office annually transmits Senatorial nomination and election instructions to heads of all voting units; a sample letter is attached.

    4. Faculty Senate January Meeting Change of Location
      The location for the January 8, 1998, Faculty Senate meeting and New Senator Orientation has been changed to the Valley Football Center.

    Roy Arnold, Provost & Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs

    President Anthony Wilcox