Sponsorship Agreement

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Sponsorship Overview

The purpose of the sponsoring relationship is to support the potential of student organizations from within University units, while strengthening the mission of Oregon State University.  Faculty, staff and students offer each other invaluable opportunities for interaction, learning and development through commitment to common goals. Through sponsorship, the University gives its units the chance to align with student organizations in order to actively contribute to the cultural, social and academic life on campus and enhance student life at the University. The University also offers the student organization its resources in order to allow the organization to fulfill its mission and attain its goals. Through the sponsoring relationship, the sponsoring unit and student organization are together, making the OSU experience real and meaningful.

Sponsored status for a student organization is a statement of recognition by Oregon State University that the student organization is a key element in helping the University realize its mission.  University units that wish to sponsor a student organization must be committed to the support of that organization’s mission and activities.  In addition to formal advising, unit support may take any of the following forms: financial, administrative, office and/or operational space. 

Student organizations and University units considering sponsorship should be aware of the following:

  • The mission of the student organization must be aligned with both the Sponsoring Unit’s mission and that of the University.
  • Membership of the Student Organization must consist of 100% Oregon State University Students.
  • The student organization and Sponsoring Unit are jointly responsible for compliance with all University policies and procedures, including but not limited to the following areas:
    • risk management
    • travel
    • financial management
    • contractual agreements
    • acquirement, reporting and management of property
    • OSU student of conduct
  • Annually, the student organization must submit appropriate registration & recognition materials including:
    • Organization Information Form
    • Risk Assessment Form
    • Sponsorship Agreement, inclusive of appropriate signatures
  • In sponsoring a student organization, the sponsoring unit views the student organization, through its efforts, as worthwhile and vital and therefore commits itself to provide support for the organization and its endeavors.
  • Identification and commitment of a Faculty Advisor to serve in the capacity of mentor, educator and accountability manager (as detailed in the Faculty Advisor Role & Responsibilities document) is required and should be assigned by the sponsoring unit.
  • Once sponsored, the student organization would be a representative of the University; therefore, a high level of accountability from the organization will be required, while recognizing the importance of the organization’s self-direction and student leadership.

Sponsorship Proposal/Planning Guide