Organization Information Form (OIF)

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The Organization Information Form is the online tool used to support student organizations through annual reporting and archiving of leadership, membership and organization information. 

Organization Advisors, Sponsoring Units, the Office of Risk Management and Student Event & Activities utilize this tool to review, support, and engage with student organizations. This tool also is used to create online public posting of registered and recognized student organizations at OSU.


Submission of an Organization Information Form

In order to complete the Online Information Form you will need the following information:

  • Organization Classification
  • Organization name and/or nickname
  • Organization Purpose/Description (this is what interested people will read to understand what your organization is all about)
  • Organization contact information (where applicable): email, websites, facebook, blog, twitter
  • Number of active members
  • Officer Transition times
  • Mailing address (where applicable)
  • Affiliation information (if your org is connected to or governed by a/n inter/national organization outside fo OSU)
  • Financial account information
  • Contact information (first/last name & ONID user name) of student leaders
  • Contact information (first/last name & ONID user name) for Advisors
  • A Constitution and/or Governing Document for upload

When you are ready to begin the registration,  log-in to the student organization database using your ONID at: Information Coming soon!