Educational Activities Funding Request

***  Effective March 15, 2014 ***
Educational Activities has allocated all available fund balance resources for 2013/14.  No additional fund balance request will be accepted at this time.

**Organizations included in the annual fund - APASU, BSU, Forensics, Kalmekak, MASA, MEChA, NASA, Rainbow Continuum, Socratic Club please continue to submit the on-line form below to receive allocation from the annual fund.


Educational Activities supports the activities, programs and travel of OSU Recognized Student Organizations. 

We do not fund closed (member only) activities or programs or activities focused on philanthropic outcomes.

All uses of these funds are subject to University and Student Fee Financial regulations and limitations.

All funding requests must be submitted a minimum of four (4) weeks in advance of the event/activity/program.  In addition the following timelines for submission of travel, high risk or complex activities must be followed. Deadlines for submission dates for each term are also provided below.

  • Requests for Travel:
    • Local -  4 weeks in advance
    • Regional/national - 5 weeks in advance
    • International - 15 weeks in advance
  • Activities with a contracted performer or non-OSU vendor -  6 weeks in advance
  • High Risk or Complex Activities (over 400 people, rock music, recreational activities, high cost, youth participation, multiple venues, etc.) -8 weeks in advance
  • Fall Term Activities
    • Requests must be submitted by week 6 of fall term and at least 4 weeks in advance of event/activity/program
  • Winter Term Activities
    • January requests must be submitted by week 9 of fall term
    • All other winter requests must be submitted by week 6 of winter term and at least 4 weeks in advance of event/activity/program
  • Spring Term Activities
    • April requests must be submitted by week 9 of winter term
    • All other spring requests must be submitted by week 6 of spring term and at least 4 weeks in advance of event/activity/program
  • Summer Term Activities
    •  Request must be submitted by Week 9 of Spring Term
Educational Activity funds are limited. All request are reviewed on a first in basis.  No guarantee of funding is made.

Please only include one event per form. If you are planning multiple events during the year, submit a new form for each event.

Of the Requestor

Of the requestor

Describe your organization - include # of members and overall mission and goals.

Example: XYZ Conference Travel, XYZ Club Event, XYZ Advertisement

Select the box that describes what this request is for. Funding for an event like an open house, or for travel like to a conference, or for a publication like advertising.

Provide a detailed description of what you are requesting funding for. Provide as much detail as possible. If the request is for travel, please include a detailed itinerary.

Please address the following. What are the goals of you Event/Program/Activity? How will your Event/Program/Activity benefit your organization and/or and the OSU community? How will you evaluate success?

Start of funding use

End of funding use

The latest date you can receive funding and still hold your event.

Where will the the event/program/activity be held?

How will you promote, advertise or publicize the event/program/activity?

Please indicate the name of any partners, co-sponsors including the role they will play in the Event/Program/Activity as well as any funding they will provide.

How much are you requesting from Educational Activities

Please upload a detailed budget for this request. Upload your own or use the Projected Budget worksheet/template to create one, then upload here. Files must be under 800kb and in one of the following file types - .txt, .pdf, .doc(x), .xls(x), .xml

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