SEAC Sponsored Student Organizations



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Student Events & Activities Center is committed to enhancing the knowledge and awareness of resources, people and cultures, and lived experiences. Annually the Center sponsors a number of student organizations and their programs to advance the organizations' relationship with the University.  The Center provides development, resources and support including a Faculty Advisor.


Our Sponsored Student Organizations Include:

  • African Student Association - To foster closer friendly relationship among African Students of OSU and to promote better understanding between Americans and Africans | E-mail: asa@oregonstate.edu | ASA on Facebook
  • Asian and Pacific American Student Union - APASU explores diversity within OSU and the Corvallis community through social and service activities. We work to inspire students and community members to become open-minded, culturally-aware, and understanding of Asian Pacific American (APA) and non-APA issues. APASU creates a welcoming and close-knit community for students and community members to network with APA and non-APA leaders | E-mail: apasu@oregonstate.edu | APASU on Facebook
  • Black Student Union - To foster, support, and promote the social, political, and educational growth of Black students. Also, to spread cultural awareness and compassion through the education of our peers and service to our community | E-mail: blackstudentunion@oregonstate.edu | BSU on Facebook
  • HMONG - HMONG OSU is an organization created to: help increase the awareness of Hmong on the Oregon State University campus and the surrounding communities; provide support and services to members of HMONG, which include, but are not limited to the following: social skills; educational support; provide support and services to the community, which include, but are not limited to the following support and services similar to those available to members of HMONG; volunteer work | E-mail: hmong@oregonstate.edu | http://blogs.oregonstate.edu/hmong | HMONG on Facebook
  • India Students Association - The purpose of this association is to promote at OSU cultural and social understanding of the Indian way of life. The motto shall be "Unity in Diversity." | E-mail: indiastudents@oregonstate.edu | ISA on Facebook
  • Japanese American Student Association - To teach students and the OSU community about the Japanese American culture and practices. Our mission is to promote a world that honors cultural diversity by respecting values of fairness, education, equality and social justice as well as securing and maintaining the civil rights of Japanese Americans and all others who are victimized by injustice. | E-mail: japaneseamericanstudent@oregonstate.edu | http://groups.oregonstate.edu/jasa/ | JASA on Facebook
  • Korean Student Association - The purpose is to promote cultural awareness, educate the community, spread good will, and mutual assistance among and for the students and the community. | E-mail: korean@oregonstate.edu | KSA on Facebook
  • Meso-American Student Association - The purpose of this organization is to 1- maintain and promote, 2- recruit and retain, 3- serve as a support system and 4- promote the concerns of the Hispanic/Latino (a)/Chicano (a)/North/Central/South Americans. | E-mail: masa@oregonstate.edu | MASA on Facebook
  • PERMIAS - Persatuan Mahasiswa Indonesia di Amerika Serikat, abbreviated as PERMIAS, is an Indonesian Student Association that has been in many US universities since the 1960s. PERMIAS at Oregon State University reached its lowest members in 2007, making them vanished from the community since then. In 2011, we brought this awesome organization back to, once again, promote our unique culture throughout the Oregon State University campus and community. The purpose of PERMIAS is to establish social networking and culture awareness among students, faculty, and staff. | Email: indonesianstudents@oregonstate.edu | http://permiasoregonstateu.blogspot.com/ | PERMIAS on Facebook
  • Rainbow Continuum - The Rainbow Continuum is a student-fee funded organization for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, questioning, and intersex (LGBTQQI) students, and our allies at Oregon State University. As a social and educational group the Rainbow Continuum strives to create a welcoming and safe space for diverse communities to interact with and relate to one another; educate OSU about the experiences of the LGBTQQIA community; and refer students to the network of support structures and resources available to the LGBTQQIA community at OSU.  | E-mail: rainbowcontinuum@oregonstate.edu | http://groups.oregonstate.edu/rcosu/ | Rainbow Continuum on Facebook
  • Student Foundation - The purpose of this foundation is to play a role in private fundraising with OSU , in order to channel funds into worthwhile services, organizations, activities, and programs for the direct aid and improvement of OSU and its students. | E-mail: student_foundation@oregonstate.edu
  • Taiwanese Student Association - Help new coming students from Taiwan to fit in, and provide a chance for Taiwanese students to get together and make friends at OSU while easing their transition into Corvallis life. Furthermore, the TWSA does not limit to Taiwanese; it is for anyone that wants to learn about Taiwanese culture. | E-mail: taiwanesestudents@oregonstate.edu | http://twsaosu1213.blogspot.tw/ | TWSA on Facebook