Beaver Community Fair

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Friday, October 03, 2014 | Noon - 4:00pm | Memorial Union Quad


Connect with the Beaver Community!  Annually the "Beaver Community Fair" draws together the OSU and greater Corvallis communities to celebrate the start of the academic year.  Over two hundred different booths representing OSU departments & student organizations, Corvallis community agencies & businesses and local non-profit organizations will fill the Memorial Union Quad, making visible the opportunity to connect with services, products and involvement opportunities on campus and around the area.

The “Beaver Community Fair” is presented by the Student Events & Activities Center.

Recognized Student Organizations and OSU Departments Registration

Non-OSU Vendor Registration - Note: Sales are not permitted during this event.


*All registrants will receive one (1) 6' or 8' table, two (2) chairs and a 10x10 space.  Individually wrapped candies permitted without approval. All OSU Student Organization fundraising, philanthropy and additional food/beverage items must be preapproved with the Student Events and Activities Center, MU 103; contact Dante Holloway to discuss your intentions. E-Mail confirmation of booth location will occur by October 2, 2014 for those pre-registered. All participants are responsible for clean-up of assigned area and take down of table and chair. If you are utilizing a canopy (not provided) you must secure it with weights, no staking allowed.

BCF Invoice Payment

Beaver Community Fair Terms and Conditions

Thank you for registering your organization for the Beaver Community Fair.


OSU groups:  You will receive a confirmation email from us shortly.  If you have questions, please contact  Below are the terms and conditions for participation for your review.

External Vendors: You will receive a confirmation email, including an invoice from us soon.  Below are the terms and conditions for your review.





1.    Parking.  All OSU parking regulations must be adhered to. Vendors are responsible for securing a parking permit for the duration of the event.  Refer to TaPS site for more information at

2.    Vendor Booth.  

a.    Each booth space is 10’ x 10’.  OSU will set up each booth with either a 6’ or 8’ table and 2 chairs - tables will be set-up randomly based on supply.
b.    Vendors are responsible for clean-up of assigned booth and the immediately adjacent area, and take down of the table and chairs at the conclusion of the Event.   This includes the removal of all trash and debris from the booth site.
c.    OSU does not supply canopies. Vendors may use their own canopies.  Canopies may be secured by weights only.  Staking is prohibited.
d.    OSU has a limited amount of power available to use at the Event for Vendor’s use.  As such, power will be provided only upon prior approval of OSU's designated representative.  All Vendor electrical equipment shall be properly wired and shall comply with all City and State laws, rules, and regulations.  Any additional costs due to electrical requirements by Vendor shall be the responsibility of Vendor.
e.    Audiovisual and/or other sound and attention-getting devices and effects will be permitted with prior approval from the Student Events & Activities Center.  The intensity level of said devices must not interfere with the activities of neighboring exhibitors.  OSU reserves the right to reject usage of such devices, or otherwise cause Vendor to cease its use of such device, if it determines in its sole discretion that Vendor’s use is not compatible with the Event.
f.    If Vendor provides music as part of its display or activity, Vendor shall carry proof, through a license or grant of authority, that they are authorized to play such music under copyright law.
g.    OSU will assign vendors to a booth on a first come, first served bases, according to date on which the Contract and payment are received by Student Events & Activities Center.
h.    Booth displays and/or activities must not obstruct or interfere with the activities in the adjacent booth.

3.    Vendors soliciting students to enter into a relationship with an agency for some type of contracted service - i.e. cell phones, bank cards, athletic club memberships, etc. - cannot solicit participation by “giveaways.”   Bank card or credit card vendors must also have “Consumer Credit” education available on site.

4.    OSU does not endorse, support, or accept liability claims made by Vendors as to the qualities or merits of their products or services, and no advertisement or mention will indicated, claim, or suggest such endorsement or support.  All hand-outs must be distributed within the Event area.

5.    Food Vendors.  Food sales at this Event are limited to University Recognized Clubs and Organizations for fundraising purposes only.  Vendor’s distribution of beverages at the Event is limited to Pepsi-Cola products only.  No beverages other than Pepsi-Cola of Corvallis-provided products will be allowed (except fresh-brewed coffee, tea or cocoa or non-bottled water).  Signs or displays featuring other products should not be utilized, or competing logos should be covered or removed.  Vendors may provide two to three ounce samples of their line of food product only.  All Food Vendors must adhere to Benton County Environmental Health policies.

6.    Recyclable Products.  Vendors participating at the Event shall use recyclable and/or compostable products to the maximum extent economically feasible.

7.    Law Observance.   All agents and employees connected with Vendor’s participation in the Event shall abide by, conform to, and comply with all laws of the United States and the State of Oregon, all ordinances of the City of Corvallis, Oregon, and the rules and regulations of the University for its government and management, together with all rules and regulations of the Bureaus of Fire and Police of the City of Corvallis.  If Vendor’s attention is called to any violation by Vendor, any of its agents or employees, Vendor shall immediately stop such violation and take necessary steps to prevent further violations.  OSU, through its designated representative, reserves the right to eject any objectionable person or persons from the Event, and upon the exercise of this authority, the Vendor waives any and all claims for damages against OSU, its officers, agents and employees.  

8.    Event Area Access. In providing space to Vendors, OSU does not relinquish the rights to control the management of the Event site or to enforce all the necessary and proper rules for the management and operation of the Event.

9.    Liability.

a.    Vendors shall be responsible for all damage to property, injury to persons and loss, expense, inconvenience and delay which may be caused by, or result from, the Vendor’s use of the Event Area during the Event, or from any act, omission, or neglect of the vendor, its contractors, or employees.  If during the Event the Event Area or any portion of the Event Area or grounds is damaged by the act or negligence of the vendors or its agents or employees, the Vendor shall pay to OSU, upon demand, such a sum as shall be necessary to restore the Event Area to its’ original condition.
b.    OSU assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any property placed in the Event Area and OSU, its officers, agents and employees are hereby expressly-relieved and discharged from any and all liability for any loss, injury or damages to persons or property that may be sustained by reason of occupancy of the Event Area, grounds, or any part thereof.
c.    Any decision affecting any matter not herein expressly provided for shall rest solely within the discretion of OSU’s designated representative.  Vendors shall abide by all policies of the Event Area, which are available to vendor by request.
d.    The Vendor shall indemnify OSU, its officers, directors, agents and employees from and against claims, suits, actions, losses, damages, liabilities, costs and expenses of any nature whatsoever resulting from, arising out of, or relating to the negligent acts or omissions of the Vendor, its officers, employees or agents during the Event.
e.    Based on intended activity during the Event – as reported through registration for the Event - Vendors may be required to obtain, at Vendor's expense, and keep in effect during the duration of the Event, General Liability Insurance.  General Liability shall include contractual, product, and completed operations liability with limits not less than $1,000,000, combined single limit.  OSU their officers, employees and agents shall be included as additional insured in said insurance policy.

Beaver Community Fair Vendor Information

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The Beaver Communty Fair is a great opportunity for your organization to connect with new and returning OSU students.  The price structure below includes potential discounts for businesses and organizations that are willing and able to provide substantial giveaways to students.  Additionally, sales are not permitted during the Beaver Community Fair.  Please review the pricing structure below and register by completeing the form at the bottom of the page.   

Note: If you are interested in sponsorship of the event beyond the listed participation fees listed below, please contact Danté Holloway ( or 541.737.1562) directly to discuss opportunities.


Beaver Community Fair 2014 - Vendor Fees

Registration fee includes a 10'x10' space, one 6' or 8' table and 2 chairs.

General Vendor - $200

Vendors providing prizes, gift-certificates or other giveaways valued at a minimum of $50 are eligible to have that amount - up to $150 - discounted from their registration fee.  Previously used items will not be eligible for discount.  This prize donation must be made available for a general drawing to be held throughout the duration of the fair.  Additional giveaways of promotional items is encouraged but only those donated for the larger event drawing are valid towards the registration discounts (requiring students to sign-up or enter into any type of relationship with your organization in order to be eligible to win is strictly prohibited).  Sales are not permitted during the fair.

Food Vendor - $200

Food vendors providing samples (500 minimum samples required) will qualify for a reduced registration fee of $50.

Oregon State University requires that food vendors maintain all safety and sanitation practices required of a temporary restaurant ( by Benton County Environmental Health, while vending SAMPLES (not to exceed a three ounce portion) of their line of food product; food sales are not permitted by vendors during the fair. 

Registered Non-Profit - $150

Must be a registered 501(c)(3) and show up on the IRS website at

Government Agencies - $100

Additional Table - $35

Additional table must be maintained within the same 10'x10' space assigned to your organization.

Additional Booth - $200

Requests for an additional booth space will require paying the full fee for the 2nd space (discounts do not apply to 2nd space).

Parking - $10

All OSU parking regulations must be adhered to. Vendors are responsible for purchasing their own parking permit for the day.  Day permits for parking on campus are available for pre-purchase during registration.  Refer to TAPS site for more information at

Register for Beaver Community Fair