Benny being Beaver Bold!

The Student Events and Activities Center is committed to enhancing the student experience by creating a sense of belonging, mattering and lifetime connection between students and Oregon State University. Our team strives for students to “engage in what matters,” encouraging students to become familiar and participate with all Oregon State has to offer. OSU students exhibit what it means to “beBEAVERBOLD” through participation, engagement, learning in both classroom and extracurricular activities.

#beBEAVERBOLD Design Competition

Thank you for your interest.  The submission deadline has passed.  Please keep an eye out for next year!

It's that time of the year again!

We need all you amazing and talented artists to design a NEW version of the #beBEAVERBOLD design!

Here is this years' design for #beBEAVERBOLD

Design Year Two

We *REQUIRE* that "beBEAVERBOLD" and the year "2014-2015" be in the design.

The link below are University Brand guidelines for you to follow while making your design.


*NOTE* Creating any likeness to a beaver is not allowed, and all artwork MUST be ORIGINAL.

With that said, using beaver teeth, feet, or tails of a beaver in the design are allowed.

Quick overview of the timeline:

Week 6: Begin design submissions Monday, February 10th

Week 2 (Spring Term): Last day to submit Final Drafts of design is April 11th.

The Winning design will be publicly revealed Fall of 2014

Bennie Selfie Contest

Benny Selfie Contest Flier


The participants will have to take selfies with Benny the Beaver and post them on social media. We will then select winners and award them prizes from the Facebook posts only. The first contest will start off at the beginning of Connect week and go through the first After Dark night. We will award prizes for the 3 different categories, as well as some other random selections. We hope the #beBeaverBold pictures with #bennyselfie hashtag continues throughout the year.



In order to qualify for a prize:


1. The photo must have #beBeaverBold in the description and posted on facebook. (It would be nice for it to also be #BennySelfe and be posted on instagram and twitter, but not a requirement.)


2. The photo must be posted between Monday, September 22 and Friday, October 3 in order to qualify for the first round of prizes. The second round of prizes will last until October 2nd and prizes will be given at the 1st After Dark event. And the third round of prizes might be given if students keep posting photos until the end of the year. The student must be present at the events in order to be able to receive the prize as well as present their student ID.


3. The 3 categories:

  • Most Facebook Likes: The photo with the most facebook likes that is #beBeaverBold and appears in the facebook search for #beBeaverBold will be awarded a prize.
  • Most Creative: The photo who in our #beBeaverBold panel's mind most represents what it is to #beBeaverBold and shows it in a creative way while taking a #BennySelfi will be awarded a prize if their photo is posted on facebook and it appears in the facebook search for #beBeaverBold and it has that hashtag in the description.
  • Most Beaver Spirit: The photo who portrays some Beaver Spirit and we can see the enthusiasm will win a prize if the photo is #beBeaverBold and it is on facebook and it can be found when searching for #beBeaverBold.


4. All OSU “Student Conduct and Community Standards” rules must be obeyed as described by the university: http://oregonstate.edu/studentconduct/offenses-0



1. First round: September 22 till October 3rd, 2014

2. Second round: September 22 till December 5th, 2014

3. Third round: All year - best of the year photos.



In order to qualify for this contest the student or student groups must be an OSU student and must show their ID card when receiving the prize.



- A #beBeaverBold Swag Bag