Student Organization Support

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Student Organization Support (SOS) program provides services, advising, training, resources and support to student clubs & organizations.  Annually 400+ clubs/organizations utilize the SOS to start or renew University status and report activities. Student Leaders are provided opportunity to develop or enhance knowledge and transferrable skills which compliment class room learning. These skills include leadership, organizational development, communication, program planning and team building. The SOS also provides outreach, training and support to Club and Organization Faculty Advisors.

Registration deadline for new and returning clubs & organizations for the 2013-2014 academic year is Friday, May 2, 2014!  

All registration materials, approvals and confirmations must be completed by that date.  


Registration for the 2014-2015 academic year is undetermined but will open sometime during summer, 2014.



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Student Org Digest

Register an Existing Organization

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We are making the final adjustments to the new student organization database and intend to open up registration for student organization renewal during the week of Spetemebr 15th.  Please leave us updated contact information for your organization here at and we will contact you directly when registration is open.


The following information is required and should be submitted via the student organization database.  The links below will direct you to information detailing what is needed to complete the respective information. 

  1. Organization Information Form (OIF)
  2. Constitution and/or Governing Document (to be uploaded when completing the Organization Information Form)
  3. Risk Assessment (VSO & SSO only - accessible through the student organization database after the OIF is submitted)
  4. Sponsorship Agreement (SSO only - accessible through the student organization database after the OIF is submitted)

Depending on your classification, you may or may not be required to have a Faculty Advisor work with your organization.  To determine the requirement, review the faculty/staff advisor information available here and plan accordingly.


Click here for information regarding starting a New Student Organization

Faculty/Staff Advisor

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When searching for an advisor, we suggest you write out your expectations along with the expected time commitment to share with prospective advisors. It is suggested you find an advisor who shares an interest in the group’s purpose as this person should be active with your organization and not simply a name on a list.   One way to do this is to ask organization members for names of faculty or staff members who have been helpful or who they think may be a good match for the group.

After identifying a possible advisor match, approach that individual to determine interest and expectations they have for working with your organization.  This relationship should be collaborative in nature with the advisor serving as facilitator, educating on the broadest scope of opportunity and the students determining which opportunities to pursue. Continual communication is important in developing a strong relationship. As the year progresses, be sure to keep the advisor informed about meetings, activities and issues that are pertinent to the organization and continue to use the advisor as a resource. 

Successful student organization advisors typically are involved by:

  • being a resource
  • attending organizational events
  • helping to explain University policies and how policies may affect the organization
  • attending meetings
  • providing continuity in the organization as officers transition from year to year
  • suggesting program ideas
  • helping to solve problems and deal with crises
  • advising officers on meeting agendas
  • being a role model & mentor
  • serving as a sounding board
  • providing professional connections for the group
  • giving honest feedback to group members


Only Sponsored Student Organizations (SSOs) are required to have a Faculty Advisor, as articulated in the Sponsorship Agreement between the student organization and sponsoring unit.  In addition to the information above, Faculty Advisors to SSOs should review and understand the Role & Responsibilities of Faculty advisors.

Voluntary Student Organizations (VSOs) are not required to have a Faculty Advisor.  Therefore, those who choose to advise these organizations have no formal responsibility or oversight of the organization.  The role and responsibilities of the advisor to a VSO in minimal and since there are few rules for what role the advisor will take, it is up to you to sit down with your advisor and come to an agreement about what role they will play.

Non-Affiliated Student Organization are not University recognized student organizations and as such we strongly recommend against serving as an active advisor.  If you have questions, please contact us in the Student Events & Activities Center.

Organization Information Form (OIF)

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The Organization Information Form is the online tool used to support student organizations through annual reporting and archiving of leadership, membership and organization information. 

Organization Advisors, Sponsoring Units, the Office of Risk Management and Student Event & Activities utilize this tool to review, support, and engage with student organizations. This tool also is used to create online public posting of registered and recognized student organizations at OSU.


Submission of an Organization Information Form

In order to complete the Online Information Form you will need the following information:

  • Organization Classification
  • Organization name and/or nickname
  • Organization Purpose/Description (this is what interested people will read to understand what your organization is all about)
  • Organization contact information (where applicable): email, websites, facebook, blog, twitter
  • Number of active members
  • Officer Transition times
  • Mailing address (where applicable)
  • Affiliation information (if your org is connected to or governed by a/n inter/national organization outside fo OSU)
  • Financial account information
  • Contact information (first/last name & ONID user name) of student leaders
  • Contact information (first/last name & ONID user name) for Advisors
  • A Constitution and/or Governing Document for upload

When you are ready to begin the registration,  log-in to the student organization database using your ONID at: Information Coming soon!


Constitution and/or Governing Document

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Constitution or Governing Document Guidelines for Student Organizations

The constitution guides an organization in its operations and activities and, accordingly, are intended primarily for the organization’s benefit and use. The constitution contains the fundamental principles and structure of the organization, and outline the basic rules of procedure by which a group’s membership govern their organization.

The constitution should be carefully formulated, clearly worded, and kept up-to-date so that the needs of the organization can be met. It is recommended that each member of an organization have a copy of the constitution.

The following outline is provided to assist in the preparation of a constitution. Use this guide to prepare a constitution for your student organization. If there are any problems or concerns with your constitution, a member of the Student Events & Activities staff will contact you.

Constitution (Governing Document) Outline (PDF)

Constitution (Governing Document) Outline (Word)

Risk Assessment

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Student Organization Risk Assessment Survey required for all Sponsored and Volunteer Student Organizations as a component of the annual registration process.

This information will allow your Faculty/Staff Advisor and OSU Risk Management to determine the appropriate classification of relationship with the University; what if any insurance coverage is available or additionally required for your organization; and the appropriate resources and training needed to ensure a sustained environment for risk reduction, accountability and relationship with the University. Completion of this document will contribute to your organization being considered for Recognition by Oregon State University.

The Risk assessment form is accesible through your student organization's dashboard in the Student Organization Database. 

Sponsorship Agreement

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Sponsorship Overview

The purpose of the sponsoring relationship is to support the potential of student organizations from within University units, while strengthening the mission of Oregon State University.  Faculty, staff and students offer each other invaluable opportunities for interaction, learning and development through commitment to common goals. Through sponsorship, the University gives its units the chance to align with student organizations in order to actively contribute to the cultural, social and academic life on campus and enhance student life at the University. The University also offers the student organization its resources in order to allow the organization to fulfill its mission and attain its goals. Through the sponsoring relationship, the sponsoring unit and student organization are together, making the OSU experience real and meaningful.

Sponsored status for a student organization is a statement of recognition by Oregon State University that the student organization is a key element in helping the University realize its mission.  University units that wish to sponsor a student organization must be committed to the support of that organization’s mission and activities.  In addition to formal advising, unit support may take any of the following forms: financial, administrative, office and/or operational space. 

Student organizations and University units considering sponsorship should be aware of the following:

  • The mission of the student organization must be aligned with both the Sponsoring Unit’s mission and that of the University.
  • Membership of the Student Organization must consist of 100% Oregon State University Students.
  • The student organization and Sponsoring Unit are jointly responsible for compliance with all University policies and procedures, including but not limited to the following areas:
    • risk management
    • travel
    • financial management
    • contractual agreements
    • acquirement, reporting and management of property
    • OSU student of conduct
  • Annually, the student organization must submit appropriate registration & recognition materials including:
    • Organization Information Form
    • Risk Assessment Form
    • Sponsorship Agreement, inclusive of appropriate signatures
  • In sponsoring a student organization, the sponsoring unit views the student organization, through its efforts, as worthwhile and vital and therefore commits itself to provide support for the organization and its endeavors.
  • Identification and commitment of a Faculty Advisor to serve in the capacity of mentor, educator and accountability manager (as detailed in the Faculty Advisor Role & Responsibilities document) is required and should be assigned by the sponsoring unit.
  • Once sponsored, the student organization would be a representative of the University; therefore, a high level of accountability from the organization will be required, while recognizing the importance of the organization’s self-direction and student leadership.

Sponsorship Proposal/Planning Guide

Sponsorship Agreement Submission

Sponsorship Proposal/Planning

It is recommended that the terms of sponsorship already be finalized before inputting the information into the sponsorship agreement. The Sponsorship Agreement Proposal/Planning Sheet is a tool available to help with negotiations and obtaining the information needed to complete a sponsorship agreement.  While the agreement may be modified after the initial submission, all parties (student organization representative, Faculty Advisor and Sponsoring Unit Head) will need to resign for each modification.


Sponsorship Agreement Submission

In order to have access to complete a sponsorship agreement, your organization must first submit an Organization Information Form.  After completing the form, you will have access to submit a sponsorship agreement via your dashboard.

database log-in image

  • After you log in, you will be directed to your Dashboard.  You will see a listing of the organization you are involved with followed by the words “View Annual Registration,” “Complete Risk Assessment & “Complete Sponsorship Agreement.” Click on the “Complete Sponsorship Agreement” hyperlink to submit your sponsorship agreement.

complete sponsorship image

  • Fill in the Sponsorship Agreement details and click “Submit Sponsorship Agreement for Approval” at the bottom of the form.


  • After submission, the Student Org Representative, Faculty Advisor & Sponsoring Unit Head will receive an email with a link and information for reviewing, approving and electronically signing the agreement.
  • While the agreement may be modified after the initial submission, all parties (student organization representative, Faculty Advisor and Sponsoring Unit Head) will need to resign for each modification.

Create a New Organization

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Registration for new student organizations for the 2014-15 academic year will be available starting the first week in October.

Review current listing of active student organizations to determine if a similar organization currently exhists.  If not, START ONE!


How to get Started

  1. Review the Student Organization Classification information in order to get a sense of what is required of each categorization moving forward.  Only two of the three classifications - Sponsored & Voluntary Student Organizations - are recognized by the University.  Non-Affiliated Student Organizations are not University recognized and are simply registered.
  2. Depending on your prospective organization classification, identify a minimum of 4-10 OSU students (including yourself) interested in supporting the creation of your new organization.
  3. Develop a Constitution/Governing Document for your organization including the minumum proscribed guidelines
  4. Review the Registration & Recognition information for an overview of the materials that need to be submitted.
  5. Schedule a time to meet with a representative from the Student Events & Activities Center in order:
    1. To determine if a similar organization is currently active or to access historical information and governing documents of a similar group that might be currently inactive.
    2. To discuss the details of and continue the process of becoming a registered/recognized student organization.
    3. To schedule an appointment, visit us in MU 103 or email
      1. Include your first and last name, the name and short description of the type of organizaiton you want to start, your phone number and if available, a copy of your constitution.

Benefits of Recognition

The following grid is meant to outline the baseline benefits bestowed upon student organizations based on their classification.  For Sponsored Student Organizations, there may be additional benefits articulated between the sponsoring unit and the student organization.  Voluntary Student Organizations receiving sponsorship for a specific event may be eligible for additonal benefits for the duration of the event as articulated in an Event Sponsorship Agreement.  


University Benefits Grid for Registered Student Organizations (PDF copy)

The following grid is meant to outline the benefits bestowed upon student organizations that have received University Recognition through the Student Events & Activities Center.   




Listing of current information in the Student Organization Directory



Ability to reserve dedicated University space



Eligible for fee reductions or discounts for dedicated University Space



Ability to participate in “Beaver Community Fair” at no cost



Ability to establish an account with the AABC MU Finance Office



Opportunity to apply for student fee money (Educational Activities) and/or OSU Student Foundation funding



Access to web space and email address under the domain



Ability to use “Oregon State University,”  “Beavers” or any derivation thereof in the student org name



Eligible to use University logos and trademarks



Liability Insurance coverage through OSU



Eligible for ongoing access to University-controlled resources (i.e. funding, dedicated office/storage space, equipment, etc.)

Yes (through sponsoring unit)


Eligible to rent University vehicles for official university business

Yes (through sponsoring unit)


Ability to accept tax deductible contributions

**Yes (through sponsoring unit)


Access to on-campus mailing address/mailbox

Yes (through sponsoring unit)


*VSOs may be eligible for additional benefits under the terms of an Event Sponsorship Agreement

**Process to be established

Non-Affiliated Student Organizations (NSO) are not recognized student organizations and therefore are not eligible for any benefits associated with recognition, with the exception of being listed in the Student Organization Directory.

Search for Recognized Student Organizations & OSU

Below you will find a comprehensive list of all currently Registered Student Organizations at Oregon State University. Please use the tools below to search for specific groups or groups based on student organization category or classification.

We are currently in transition from one database to a new one. At this time, organization dashboards are not accessible. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Part of Organization Name:   
(Note: Please use just one word or part of a word when searching – i.e. "bad" or "badminton" rather than "badminton club")




Organization NameNicknameClassification
2fortytwo@NWHills242Voluntary Student Organization
Able Student AllianceVoluntary Student Organization
Acacia FraternityAKAKVoluntary Student Organization
Academic Bowl Team of Oregon State University, Department of Applied Economics SS-AAEASponsored Student Organization
Active MindsSponsored Student Organization
Actuarial Science Club, Oregon State UniversityASCSponsored Student Organization
Adventist Christian FellowshipVoluntary Student Organization
Advocates for Freethought and SkepticismVoluntary Student Organization
African Student AssociationASASponsored Student Organization
Agricultural Animal ClubAg Animal ClubVoluntary Student Organization
Agricultural Education Club, Oregon State UniversitySponsored Student Organization
Agricultural Executive CouncilAg ExecSponsored Student Organization
AIGA - Oregon State UniversitySponsored Student Organization
Alpha Chi OmegaAchiOVoluntary Student Organization
Alpha Gamma DeltaAGDVoluntary Student Organization
Alpha Kappa PsiAKPsiSponsored Student Organization
Alpha Lambda DeltaALDSponsored Student Organization
Alpha Nu SigmaSponsored Student Organization
Alpha Omicron PiVoluntary Student Organization
Alpha PhiVoluntary Student Organization
Alpha Pi MuSponsored Student Organization
Alpha Pi OmegaAPiOVoluntary Student Organization
Alpha Sigma PhiAlpha SigsVoluntary Student Organization
Alpha Tau Omega FraternityATOVoluntary Student Organization
Amateur Radio ClubW7OSUSponsored Student Organization
American Animal Hospital AssociationAAHAVoluntary Student Organization
American Association of Equine PractitionersAAEPVoluntary Student Organization
American Association of Feline PractitionersVoluntary Student Organization
American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists Student Chapter @ Oregon State UniversityVoluntary Student Organization
American College Health Care Administrators, Oregon State University Chapter of theSponsored Student Organization
American College of Veterinary Pathology, Student Chapter @ OSUPath ClubVoluntary Student Organization
American Congress on Surveying and Mapping @ OSU, Student ChapterACSMSponsored Student Organization
American Fisheries Society/The Wildlife Society, Oregon Student Chapters ofSponsored Student Organization
American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, OSUAIAASponsored Student Organization
American Nuclear Society / Health Physics SocietySponsored Student Organization
American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of-way Association, OSU Student Chapter ofSponsored Student Organization
American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (OSU Chapter)ASPRS OSU ChapterSponsored Student Organization
American Society of Civil EngineersASCESponsored Student Organization
American Society of Mechanical EngineersASMESponsored Student Organization
American Veterinary Dentistry Society, Student ChapterVoluntary Student Organization
American Veterinary Medical Association, Oregon State University Student Chapter of theSCAVMASponsored Student Organization
Animation, Comic, Game, Novel, Cos-Play, Model ClubVoluntary Student Organization
Anime Club @ OSUVoluntary Student Organization
App Development ClubVoluntary Student Organization
Archery ClubSponsored Student Organization
Army ROTC, Oregon State UniversitySponsored Student Organization
Arnold Air SocietySponsored Student Organization
Asian and Pacific American CouncilAPA CouncilVoluntary Student Organization
Asian Pacific American Student UnionAPASUSponsored Student Organization
Associated General Contractors of America Student ChapterOSU AGC Student ChapterSponsored Student Organization
Association for Women in Mathematics, Oregon State University Student ChapterAWMSponsored Student Organization
Association of Graduate Soil Science StudentsAGSSVoluntary Student Organization
Association of Latin American StudentsALASSponsored Student Organization
Athletic Training ClubSponsored Student Organization
Badminton ClubSponsored Student Organization
Baha'i Campus AssociationVoluntary Student Organization
Ballroom Dance ClubOSUBDCSponsored Student Organization
Baseball ClubSponsored Student Organization
Bass Fishing ClubSponsored Student Organization
Beaver BattalionSponsored Student Organization
Beavs Helping KidsSponsored Student Organization
Beta Alpha PsiBAPSponsored Student Organization
Bhakti Yoga Club @ OSUBYCVoluntary Student Organization
Billiards Club at Oregon StateVoluntary Student Organization
Biochemistry/Biophysics Club, Oregon StateSponsored Student Organization
Biology Graduate Student SymposiumVoluntary Student Organization
Bird NerdsSponsored Student Organization
Black Graduate Student AssociationBGSAVoluntary Student Organization
Black Student UnionBSUSponsored Student Organization
Blood Drive AssociationBDAVoluntary Student Organization
Bloss Hall CouncilSponsored Student Organization
Blues Dancing Club at Oregon State UniversityOSU BluesVoluntary Student Organization
Botany and Plant Pathology ClubThe Botany ClubSponsored Student Organization
Boxing ClubBC@OSUVoluntary Student Organization
Broad Spectrum Veterinary Student AssociationVoluntary Student Organization
Buddhists on Campus - Soka Gakkai InternationalVoluntary Student Organization
Bug ClubSponsored Student Organization
C.ORE FREERIDE, Snowboard and Ski ClubVoluntary Student Organization
Callahan Hall CouncilSponsored Student Organization
Cambodian Student AssociationCSASponsored Student Organization
Camp Adventure @ Oregon StateVoluntary Student Organization
Campus AmbassadorsCAVoluntary Student Organization
Campus Crusade For ChristCruVoluntary Student Organization
Cauthorn Hall CouncilSponsored Student Organization
Chemical, Biological, and Environmental Engineering Graduate Student AssociationSponsored Student Organization
Chemical, Biological, and Environmental Engineering Student ClubSponsored Student Organization
Chemistry ClubSAACSSponsored Student Organization
Chi Alpha Christian FellowshipVoluntary Student Organization
Chi OmegaVoluntary Student Organization
Chi PhiVoluntary Student Organization
Chi Theta PhiVoluntary Student Organization
Chinese Association of OSUSponsored Student Organization
Chinese Christian Fellowship at OSUVoluntary Student Organization
Choral Student Union, Oregon State UniversitySponsored Student Organization
Christian Veterinary FellowshipVoluntary Student Organization
Circle K InternationalCKI, OSU Circle KVoluntary Student Organization
Coastal Society, TheSponsored Student Organization
Collaborative Storytelling CompanyVoluntary Student Organization
College RepublicansOSUCRVoluntary Student Organization
College Student Services Administration Student AssociationSponsored Student Organization
Colleges Against CancerRelay for Life of OSUVoluntary Student Organization
Collegiate FFACFFASponsored Student Organization
Computer Science ClubVoluntary Student Organization
Cooking Club, Oregon StateSponsored Student Organization
Council for the Advancement of Minorities within ScienceSponsored Student Organization
Country Western Dance Club, OSUCWDCSponsored Student Organization
Crop Science ClubCrops ClubSponsored Student Organization
CRY America at OSUVoluntary Student Organization
CS Peer Support GroupVoluntary Student Organization
CVM Canine ClubVoluntary Student Organization
CyclingSponsored Student Organization
Dairy Club, Oregon State UniversitySponsored Student Organization
DAMchic MagazineSponsored Student Organization
Delta ChiDXVoluntary Student Organization
Delta Delta DeltaTri DeltaVoluntary Student Organization
Delta GammaDGVoluntary Student Organization
Delta Phi Omega Sorority, Inc.DPOVoluntary Student Organization
Delta UpsilonDUVoluntary Student Organization
Disc Golf ClubBeaversSponsored Student Organization
DivineVoluntary Student Organization
Dodgeball ClubSponsored Student Organization
Earthquake Engineering Research Institute/Oregon State University Student ChapterSponsored Student Organization
Ecological Engineering Student SocietyEESSSponsored Student Organization
Economics ClubEconSponsored Student Organization
Elite Dance Team @ Oregon State UniversityElite Dance TeamVoluntary Student Organization
Enactus, Oregon State UniversityOSU SIFESponsored Student Organization
Engineers Without Borders - Oregon State UniversityEWBSponsored Student Organization
English Student AssociationESASponsored Student Organization
Entrepreneurship Club, Oregon State UniversitySponsored Student Organization
Environmental Sciences ClubSponsored Student Organization
Epic MovementVoluntary Student Organization
Equestrian ClubEq ClubSponsored Student Organization
Equestrian Dressage ClubDressageSponsored Student Organization
Equestrian Drill TeamOSU EDTSponsored Student Organization
Equestrian Event TeamSponsored Student Organization
Equestrian Hunter Jumper TeamSponsored Student Organization
Eta Kappa NuHKNSponsored Student Organization
Eta SigmaVoluntary Student Organization
Ethnic Studies Student AssociationSponsored Student Organization
Ettihad Cultural Community at Oregon State UniversitySponsored Student Organization
Executive Council, Oregon State College of PharmacyCOP Executive CouncilSponsored Student Organization
FACE AIDSVoluntary Student Organization
Family and Consumer Studies, Student Chapter of Oregon Association ofORAFCSSponsored Student Organization
Family Housing AssociationSponsored Student Organization
Fashion Organization, Oregon State UniversityOSUFOSponsored Student Organization
Feminist Majority Leadership AllianceFMLASponsored Student Organization
Film ClubVoluntary Student Organization
Finance Club, Oregon StateSponsored Student Organization
Finley Hall CouncilSponsored Student Organization
Fisheries and Wildlife Graduate Student Assn.FWGSASponsored Student Organization
Flow Club @ OSUVoluntary Student Organization
Flying Club @ Oregon StateVoluntary Student Organization
Food and Fermentation Science ClubSponsored Student Organization
Food Group, OSUSponsored Student Organization
Forensics, OSUSpeech and DebateSponsored Student Organization
Forest Products SocietySponsored Student Organization
Forestry Club, Oregon State UniversitySponsored Student Organization
Freehold of Turris NimborumfreeholdVoluntary Student Organization
Game Design Club, Oregon StateSponsored Student Organization
Gaming Club at OSUVoluntary Student Organization
Gamma Alpha Omega Sorority, Inc. Kappa ChapterGAOVoluntary Student Organization
Gates Millennium Scholars Association at Oregon State UniversitySponsored Student Organization
Geo-Institute Graduate Student OrganizationGIGSOSponsored Student Organization
Geoscience ClubgeoclubSponsored Student Organization
Gerontology Student AssociationSponsored Student Organization
Glee, Oregon StateSponsored Student Organization
Global Medical Brigades @ Oregon StateGMBVoluntary Student Organization
Goat Club, OSUSponsored Student Organization
Golden Key International Honour SocietyVoluntary Student Organization
Graduate Christian FellowshipVoluntary Student Organization
GreekGiveVoluntary Student Organization
Gymnastics ClubGym ClubSponsored Student Organization
Halsell Hall CouncilSponsored Student Organization
Hatfield Marine Science Center Student Assn.HsOSponsored Student Organization
Hawley Buxton Hall CouncilHBHCSponsored Student Organization
Hillel Oregon State UniversitySponsored Student Organization
Hip Hop Student Association @ Oregon StateHHSAVoluntary Student Organization
Historical Fencing SocietyVoluntary Student Organization
History Students' AssociationHSASponsored Student Organization
Hmong OSUSponsored Student Organization
Hong Kong Student AssociationHKSASponsored Student Organization
Horticulture ClubSponsored Student Organization
Hui O Hawai'iHOHVoluntary Student Organization
Hula ClubVoluntary Student Organization
Human Development and Family Sciences Student ClubSAHSECSponsored Student Organization
HydrophilesSponsored Student Organization
India Students AssociationISASponsored Student Organization
Institute for Electrical and Electronics EngineersSponsored Student Organization
Institute of Industrial Engineers, OSU Student ChapterIIESponsored Student Organization
Institute of Management Accountants Student Chapter, Oregon State UniversityIMASponsored Student Organization
Institute of Transportation Engineers - OSU Student ChapterSponsored Student Organization
Integrative Veterinary Medicine ClubVoluntary Student Organization
Intercollegiate Horse Show TeamIHSASponsored Student Organization
Interfraternity CouncilSponsored Student Organization
International Affairs ClubIACSponsored Student Organization
International Agriculture ClubIACSponsored Student Organization
International Forestry Students Association, OSUIFSASponsored Student Organization
International Health ClubIH ClubSponsored Student Organization
International Interior Design Association Student ChapterIIDASponsored Student Organization
International Living Learning Center Hall CouncilILLC HCSponsored Student Organization
International Veterinary Student AssociationIVSASponsored Student Organization
InterVarsity Christian FellowshipIVCFVoluntary Student Organization
Investigative Diagnosis SocietyIDSVoluntary Student Organization
Investment Group, Oregon StateOSIGSponsored Student Organization
Ip MenVoluntary Student Organization
Iranian Students Association at OSUISA@OSUVoluntary Student Organization
Isang Bansang Pilipino / Filipino-American Student AssociationIBPVoluntary Student Organization
Italian Club, Oregon State UniversitySponsored Student Organization
Japanese American Student AssociationJASAVoluntary Student Organization
Japanese Student AssociationJSASponsored Student Organization
Judo ClubJudoSponsored Student Organization
Kappa Alpha ThetaThetaVoluntary Student Organization
Kappa DeltaKDVoluntary Student Organization
Kappa Delta Chi Sorority Inc. Alpha Psi ChapterKDChiVoluntary Student Organization
Kappa Delta RhoKDRVoluntary Student Organization
Kappa Kappa GammaKappasVoluntary Student Organization
Kappa Kappa Psi, Theta ChapterVoluntary Student Organization
KarateSponsored Student Organization
Kendama Club at Oregon State University, TheVoluntary Student Organization
Kendo ClubSponsored Student Organization
Korean Student AssociationKSASponsored Student Organization
Laboratory Animal and Animal Research Club, American Society of Laboratory Animal Practitioners, SCVoluntary Student Organization
Lambda Chi Alpha FraternityVoluntary Student Organization
Lambda Lambda Lambda Test ORGVoluntary Student Organization
Lambda Pi Eta, Oregon State UniversitySponsored Student Organization
Lambda Theta Phi, Latin Fraternity, IncorporatedThe LambdasVoluntary Student Organization
Lao Student AssociationVoluntary Student Organization
Latter-Day Saint Student AssociationLDSSAVoluntary Student Organization
League of Legends ClubSponsored Student Organization
Life Sciences ClubSponsored Student Organization
Linux Users Group,Oregon StateOSU LUGSponsored Student Organization
Livestock Judging Team, Oregon State UniversitySponsored Student Organization
Longboarding Club at Oregon StateVoluntary Student Organization
Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation AmbassadorsSponsored Student Organization
Lutheran Campus MinistryLuther HouseVoluntary Student Organization
M.E.Ch.A. (Movimiento Estudiatil Chican@s de Aztlan)MEChASponsored Student Organization
Magic: the Gathering @ Oregon State UniversityVoluntary Student Organization
Malaysian Student AssociationVoluntary Student Organization
Management AssociationManagement ClubSponsored Student Organization
Marine Technology Society Student SectionVoluntary Student Organization
Marketing ClubSponsored Student Organization
Masque and Dagger Theatre GuildSponsored Student Organization
Materials Research SocietySponsored Student Organization
Math ClubSponsored Student Organization
MBA AssociationMBAASponsored Student Organization
McNary Hall CouncilSponsored Student Organization
Mechanical Contractors Association of AmericaSponsored Student Organization
Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Graduate Student Social Skills SocietySponsored Student Organization
Mediators Beyond Borders, Oregon State University Chapter ofMBB-OSUSponsored Student Organization
Men's Lacrosse ClubSponsored Student Organization
Men's Rugby ClubOSURFCSponsored Student Organization
Men's Soccer ClubSponsored Student Organization
Men's Ultimate Disc ClubBeaversSponsored Student Organization
Men's VolleyballSponsored Student Organization
Men's Water Polo ClubSponsored Student Organization
Meso American Student AssociationMASASponsored Student Organization
MFA Creative Writing AssociationSponsored Student Organization
Microbiology Graduate Student Association of Oregon State UniversitySponsored Student Organization
Microbiology Student AssociationMSASponsored Student Organization
Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources and Related SciencesMANRRSSponsored Student Organization
Mortar Board Senior National Honors SocietyMortar BoardVoluntary Student Organization
Multicultural Students in Pre-HealthcareVoluntary Student Organization
Muslim Student AssociationMSAVoluntary Student Organization
National Residence Hall HonoraryNRHHSponsored Student Organization
National Society of Black EngineersNSBESponsored Student Organization
National Society of Collegiate ScholarsNSCSVoluntary Student Organization
Native American Student Association at Oregon StateNASASponsored Student Organization
Naval Aviation ClubSponsored Student Organization
Newman Students AssociationVoluntary Student Organization
Northwest Collegiate MinistriesNCMVoluntary Student Organization
Nutrition and Dietetics ClubSDASponsored Student Organization
Omani Students AssociationSponsored Student Organization
Omega Delta Phi Fraternity, Inc.ODPhiVoluntary Student Organization
Organic Growers ClubORGSSponsored Student Organization
Orthodox Christian FellowshipVoluntary Student Organization
oSTEM @ OSUSponsored Student Organization
Panhellenic CouncilPHCSponsored Student Organization
PERMIAS - Indonesian Student AssociationSponsored Student Organization
Phi Delta ChiVoluntary Student Organization
Phi Delta ThetaVoluntary Student Organization
Phi Gamma DeltaFIJIVoluntary Student Organization
Phi Kappa PsiPhi PsiVoluntary Student Organization
Phi Sigma RhoPhi RhoVoluntary Student Organization
Photography Society at OSUPhotoSocVoluntary Student Organization
Pi Alpha Xi, Alpha Rho Chapter ofSponsored Student Organization
Pi Kappa PhiPi KappsVoluntary Student Organization
Pi Sigma AlphaSponsored Student Organization
Pi Tau SigmaSponsored Student Organization
Pickleball Club at Oregon StateVoluntary Student Organization
Pistol ClubSponsored Student Organization
Poker ClubNon-Affiliated Student Organization
Poling Hall CouncilSponsored Student Organization
Polo ClubSponsored Student Organization
Polynesian Cultural Club of Oregon State UniversityPCCVoluntary Student Organization
Poultry Science ClubSponsored Student Organization
Pre-Law SocietySponsored Student Organization
Pre-Medical SocietySponsored Student Organization
Pre-Nursing ClubVoluntary Student Organization
Pre-Pharmacy SocietySponsored Student Organization
Pre-Physician Assistant ClubPre-PAVoluntary Student Organization
Pre-Therapy and Allied Health ClubPTAH ClubSponsored Student Organization
Pre-Veterinary Medical AssociationPVMAVoluntary Student Organization
Preparing and Exploring Agricultural Careers ClubSponsored Student Organization
Prisoner Rights Advocacy GroupSponsored Student Organization
Psi ChiPsi ChiSponsored Student Organization
Psychology ClubPsych ClubSponsored Student Organization
Psychology Journal Review ClubPJRCVoluntary Student Organization
Public Health Club, OSUSponsored Student Organization
Public Relations Society, Oregon State UniversityOSU-PRSponsored Student Organization
Punjab Da NashaaVoluntary Student Organization
Racquetball ClubSponsored Student Organization
Radiology ClubVoluntary Student Organization
Rainbow ContinuumRCSponsored Student Organization
Real Life MinistriesReal LifeVoluntary Student Organization
Religious Studies ClubSponsored Student Organization
Reproductive Justice of Oregon State UniversitySponsored Student Organization
Residence Hall AssociationRHASponsored Student Organization
Rho ChiSponsored Student Organization
Rifle ClubRifleSponsored Student Organization
Robotics Club, OSUOSURCSponsored Student Organization
Rotaract Club at Oregon State UniversityOSU RotaractVoluntary Student Organization
Running ClubSponsored Student Organization
Sackett Hall CouncilSponsored Student Organization
Sailing ClubSponsored Student Organization
Sales Club, Oregon State UniversitySponsored Student Organization
Saudi Arabia Students AssociationSASASponsored Student Organization
SCREEN at Oregon State UniversityVoluntary Student Organization
Sexual Health ClubVoluntary Student Organization
Sheep Club, Oregon State UniversitySponsored Student Organization
Shelter Medicine ClubSMCSponsored Student Organization
Sigma AlphaVoluntary Student Organization
Sigma Alpha EpsilonSAEVoluntary Student Organization
Sigma Beta RhoVoluntary Student Organization
Sigma ChiSigma ChiVoluntary Student Organization
Sigma Delta OmegaSDOVoluntary Student Organization
Sigma KappaVoluntary Student Organization
Sigma Phi EpsilonSigEpVoluntary Student Organization
Sigma PiVoluntary Student Organization
Silver Talons Drill TeamSponsored Student Organization
Silver WingsVoluntary Student Organization
Slavic Student AssociationSponsored Student Organization
Society for Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science, Oregon State University ChapterSponsored Student Organization
Society for Industrial & Applied Mathematics, Oregon State University Student Chapter ofSIAM OSUSponsored Student Organization
Society for Theriogenology, Student ChapterVoluntary Student Organization
Society of American ForestersSponsored Student Organization
Society of American Military Engineers @ Oregon State University, Student Post of TheSAMEVoluntary Student Organization
Society of Automotive Engineers, OSUSponsored Student Organization
Society of Healthcare Executives, Oregon State UniversitySHESponsored Student Organization
Society of Hispanic Professional EngineersSponsored Student Organization
Society of Manufacturing Engineers, Oregon State University Chapter ofSMESponsored Student Organization
Society of Physics StudentsExpect PhysicsSponsored Student Organization
Society of Women EngineersSWESponsored Student Organization
Sociology Club, OSUSponsored Student Organization
Socratic ClubSponsored Student Organization
Soil Science Club/Soil Judging Team, OSUSponsored Student Organization
Solar Vehicle TeamSponsored Student Organization
Space Society, Oregon StateOSSSSponsored Student Organization
Spanish Club @ OSUVoluntary Student Organization
Statistics Student Organization, Oregon StateSponsored Student Organization
Steer-A-Year, Oregon State UniversitySponsored Student Organization
Stock Horse ClubSponsored Student Organization
Student Alumni AssociationSAASponsored Student Organization
Student Ambassadors (Vet Med)Sponsored Student Organization
Student Association for Fire Ecology, OSU ChapterPyromaniacsSponsored Student Organization
Student Foundation, OSUSponsored Student Organization
Student Success Association, INTO OSUSponsored Student Organization
Students Engaging TomorrowSponsored Student Organization
Students for LifeVoluntary Student Organization
Students of Information ManagementSponsored Student Organization
Students Today Leaders ForeverVoluntary Student Organization
Students with Diabetes: Type 1 Beavers, OSUType 1 BeaversSponsored Student Organization
Suburban Christian Church Collegiate MinistriesSub.UVoluntary Student Organization
Supporters of Special Olympics at Oregon State UniversityVoluntary Student Organization
Sustainable Energy InitiativeSEISponsored Student Organization
Swing ClubSwingVoluntary Student Organization
Table Tennis ClubOSUTTSponsored Student Organization
Tae Kwon Do ClubSponsored Student Organization
Taiwanese Student AssociationTWSASponsored Student Organization
Tau Beta Pi - Oregon Alpha ChapterSponsored Student Organization
Tau Kappa EpsilonTKEVoluntary Student Organization
Team Handball ClubVoluntary Student Organization
Team of Construction Volunteers @ OSUTOCVVoluntary Student Organization
Tennis ClubSponsored Student Organization
Teo Chew AssociationVoluntary Student Organization
The Brain Collective - Chapter at OSUThe CollectiveVoluntary Student Organization
The NavigatorsVoluntary Student Organization
Theta Chi FraternityVoluntary Student Organization
Three-Dimensional Printing and Fabrication Club of Oregon State University3d Printing ClubSponsored Student Organization
Triangle FraternityVoluntary Student Organization
Triathlon ClubTri-ClubSponsored Student Organization
Turfgrass ClubSponsored Student Organization
Unified Greek CouncilUGCSponsored Student Organization
United Campus Ministry at Westminster HouseWestMVoluntary Student Organization
University Christian Center FellowshipUCCVoluntary Student Organization
University Honors College Student AssociationHAACSponsored Student Organization
University Scholars Student AssociationUSSAVoluntary Student Organization
Unmanned Vehicle Systems International, Oregon State University Student Chapter of Association ofSponsored Student Organization
Up 'til Dawn, St. JudeVoluntary Student Organization
Vegans & Vegetarians @ OSUVVOSUVoluntary Student Organization
Vet Med Class of 2014Voluntary Student Organization
Vet Med Class of 2015Voluntary Student Organization
Vet Med Class of 2016Voluntary Student Organization
Vet Med Class of 2017Voluntary Student Organization
Veterans and Family Student AssociationVFSASponsored Student Organization
Veterinary Business Management AssociationVBMAVoluntary Student Organization
Veterinary Surgery ClubVoluntary Student Organization
Vietnamese Student AssociationSponsored Student Organization
Weatherford Hall CouncilSponsored Student Organization
West Coast Swing ClubSponsored Student Organization
West Hall CouncilWIH Hall CouncilSponsored Student Organization
Wilson Hall CouncilSponsored Student Organization
Women's Lacrosse ClubSponsored Student Organization
Women's Rugby ClubOSUWRCSponsored Student Organization
Women's Soccer ClubSponsored Student Organization
Women's Ultimate Disc ClubDinosSponsored Student Organization
Women's Volleyball ClubSponsored Student Organization
Women's Water Polo ClubSponsored Student Organization
Women in Policy, Oregon State University'sWIPSponsored Student Organization
Women in ScienceWISVoluntary Student Organization
Wushu Club at Oregon StateVoluntary Student Organization
Xi Sigma Pi - Zeta ChapterSponsored Student Organization
Young Americans for Freedom at Oregon State UniversityVoluntary Student Organization
Young Cattlemen's Association @ Oregon StateVoluntary Student Organization
Young Life CollegeVoluntary Student Organization
Zombie Apocalypse ClubVoluntary Student Organization
Zoo & Wildlife /Exotic Animal Medicine ClubVoluntary Student Organization

Policies and Procedure

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At Oregon State University, students are invited to be active members of the educational community. As with any community, its members serve a vital role. Here are some policies and regulations that are related to student organizations:


Student Organization Policy Manual

Oregon Administrative Rules, Chapter 576 - Oregon State University

DIVISION 5 - Time, Manner, and Place Rules for Speech Activities

DIVISION 15 - Student Conduct Regulations

DIVISION 17 - Student Living Groups

DIVISION 22 - Student Appeals and Grievances

Success Reporting

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We want to share in celebrating and promoting the outstanding work of our clubs and organizations.  Please share with us the achievements, accomplishments and successes your student organization and its members by responding to the brief questionnaire below. NOTE: Submissions may be used one SEAC/SLI marketing in both print and through various forms of media.

Please enter the name and email address of the person to contact if more information or clarification is needed.

Please indicate the number of members that were actively involved with your organization.

If you have already prepared a written report for other purposes feel free to upload that here (Maximum upload file size is 800 KB. Acceptable file formats include .txt .pdf .doc .docx .ppt - If you have another file format, please email directly to If you are not uploading a report, please respond to the questions below.

Please share with us your successes and achievements thus far this year. This can include competition, performances, community service, philanthropic efforts, conference presentations, links to articles or anything else that you are proud of. Please share both individual member and organization-wide honors.

Please upload a photo or video that we may be able to use in publicizing the achievements of your organization. Maximum photo size is 2500kb and can be submitted as a .gif, .jpg, .png or .avi, .mov, .mp3, .wav formats.

Please upload a photo or video that we may be able to use in publicizing the achievements of your organization. Maximum photo size is 2500kb and can be submitted as a .gif, .jpg, .png or .avi, .mov, .mp3, .wav formats.

Please upload a photo or video that we may be able to use in publicizing the achievements of your organization. Maximum photo size is 2500kb and can be submitted as a .gif, .jpg, .png or .avi, .mov, .mp3, .wav formats.

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Student Org Digest

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The Student Org. Digest is a newsletter intended to disseminate information to *recognized student organizations on campus.  The Digest includes information and updates for student organizations in addition to information about campus involvement opportunities, scholarship, work and internship opportunities, campus resources and events and activities happening on campus.  It is also a place for student organizations to share information with each other.  If you would like to have information sent to student organization leaders through this digest, be aware of the following:

*University Student-Coordinated Programs are not included on this list serve as they are not required to register annually  as recognized student organizations.  These organizations include: Associated Student of OSU (ASOSU), Human Services Resource Center (HSRC), International Students of OSU (ISOSU), Kalmekak, Memorial Union Program Council (MUPC), Peer Health Advocates, SOL, Student Sustainability Initiative, Team Liberation; Cultural & Resource Centers - Asian Pacific Islander Cultural Center, Black Cultural Center, Caesar Chavez Cultural Center, Native American Longhouse, PRIDE Center, Women’s Center; Student Media - Barometer, Beaver Yearbook, KBVR FM, KBVR TV, Prism Literary Magazine.

Enter the title of the posting to appear in our newsletter

Enter the date of the opportunity (if applicable)


Enter the time at which the event will take place (if applicable)

Please select the section of the newsletter in which this posting should appear

Please give a short description of the posting, including any registration or application deadlines, prerequisite knowledge or experience, or any other information you feel may be useful for student organization leaders.

Enter the name of the person whom interested individuals should contact

Give a telephone number and/or email address for the contact person

List a web address at which interested individuals can find out more about the opportunity

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