Register an Existing Organization

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We are making the final adjustments to the new student organization database and intend to open up registration for student organization renewal during the week of Spetemebr 15th.  Please leave us updated contact information for your organization here at and we will contact you directly when registration is open.


The following information is required and should be submitted via the student organization database.  The links below will direct you to information detailing what is needed to complete the respective information. 

  1. Organization Information Form (OIF)
  2. Constitution and/or Governing Document (to be uploaded when completing the Organization Information Form)
  3. Risk Assessment (VSO & SSO only - accessible through the student organization database after the OIF is submitted)
  4. Sponsorship Agreement (SSO only - accessible through the student organization database after the OIF is submitted)

Depending on your classification, you may or may not be required to have a Faculty Advisor work with your organization.  To determine the requirement, review the faculty/staff advisor information available here and plan accordingly.


Click here for information regarding starting a New Student Organization

Faculty/Staff Advisor

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When searching for an advisor, we suggest you write out your expectations along with the expected time commitment to share with prospective advisors. It is suggested you find an advisor who shares an interest in the group’s purpose as this person should be active with your organization and not simply a name on a list.   One way to do this is to ask organization members for names of faculty or staff members who have been helpful or who they think may be a good match for the group.

After identifying a possible advisor match, approach that individual to determine interest and expectations they have for working with your organization.  This relationship should be collaborative in nature with the advisor serving as facilitator, educating on the broadest scope of opportunity and the students determining which opportunities to pursue. Continual communication is important in developing a strong relationship. As the year progresses, be sure to keep the advisor informed about meetings, activities and issues that are pertinent to the organization and continue to use the advisor as a resource. 

Successful student organization advisors typically are involved by:

  • being a resource
  • attending organizational events
  • helping to explain University policies and how policies may affect the organization
  • attending meetings
  • providing continuity in the organization as officers transition from year to year
  • suggesting program ideas
  • helping to solve problems and deal with crises
  • advising officers on meeting agendas
  • being a role model & mentor
  • serving as a sounding board
  • providing professional connections for the group
  • giving honest feedback to group members


Only Sponsored Student Organizations (SSOs) are required to have a Faculty Advisor, as articulated in the Sponsorship Agreement between the student organization and sponsoring unit.  In addition to the information above, Faculty Advisors to SSOs should review and understand the Role & Responsibilities of Faculty advisors.

Voluntary Student Organizations (VSOs) are not required to have a Faculty Advisor.  Therefore, those who choose to advise these organizations have no formal responsibility or oversight of the organization.  The role and responsibilities of the advisor to a VSO in minimal and since there are few rules for what role the advisor will take, it is up to you to sit down with your advisor and come to an agreement about what role they will play.

Non-Affiliated Student Organization are not University recognized student organizations and as such we strongly recommend against serving as an active advisor.  If you have questions, please contact us in the Student Events & Activities Center.

Organization Information Form (OIF)

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The Organization Information Form is the online tool used to support student organizations through annual reporting and archiving of leadership, membership and organization information. 

Organization Advisors, Sponsoring Units, the Office of Risk Management and Student Event & Activities utilize this tool to review, support, and engage with student organizations. This tool also is used to create online public posting of registered and recognized student organizations at OSU.


Submission of an Organization Information Form

In order to complete the Online Information Form you will need the following information:

  • Organization Classification
  • Organization name and/or nickname
  • Organization Purpose/Description (this is what interested people will read to understand what your organization is all about)
  • Organization contact information (where applicable): email, websites, facebook, blog, twitter
  • Number of active members
  • Officer Transition times
  • Mailing address (where applicable)
  • Affiliation information (if your org is connected to or governed by a/n inter/national organization outside fo OSU)
  • Financial account information
  • Contact information (first/last name & ONID user name) of student leaders
  • Contact information (first/last name & ONID user name) for Advisors
  • A Constitution and/or Governing Document for upload

When you are ready to begin the registration,  log-in to the student organization database using your ONID at: Information Coming soon!


Constitution and/or Governing Document

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Constitution or Governing Document Guidelines for Student Organizations

The constitution guides an organization in its operations and activities and, accordingly, are intended primarily for the organization’s benefit and use. The constitution contains the fundamental principles and structure of the organization, and outline the basic rules of procedure by which a group’s membership govern their organization.

The constitution should be carefully formulated, clearly worded, and kept up-to-date so that the needs of the organization can be met. It is recommended that each member of an organization have a copy of the constitution.

The following outline is provided to assist in the preparation of a constitution. Use this guide to prepare a constitution for your student organization. If there are any problems or concerns with your constitution, a member of the Student Events & Activities staff will contact you.

Constitution (Governing Document) Outline (PDF)

Constitution (Governing Document) Outline (Word)

Risk Assessment

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Student Organization Risk Assessment Survey required for all Sponsored and Volunteer Student Organizations as a component of the annual registration process.

This information will allow your Faculty/Staff Advisor and OSU Risk Management to determine the appropriate classification of relationship with the University; what if any insurance coverage is available or additionally required for your organization; and the appropriate resources and training needed to ensure a sustained environment for risk reduction, accountability and relationship with the University. Completion of this document will contribute to your organization being considered for Recognition by Oregon State University.

The Risk assessment form is accesible through your student organization's dashboard in the Student Organization Database. 

Sponsorship Agreement

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Sponsorship Overview

The purpose of the sponsoring relationship is to support the potential of student organizations from within University units, while strengthening the mission of Oregon State University.  Faculty, staff and students offer each other invaluable opportunities for interaction, learning and development through commitment to common goals. Through sponsorship, the University gives its units the chance to align with student organizations in order to actively contribute to the cultural, social and academic life on campus and enhance student life at the University. The University also offers the student organization its resources in order to allow the organization to fulfill its mission and attain its goals. Through the sponsoring relationship, the sponsoring unit and student organization are together, making the OSU experience real and meaningful.

Sponsored status for a student organization is a statement of recognition by Oregon State University that the student organization is a key element in helping the University realize its mission.  University units that wish to sponsor a student organization must be committed to the support of that organization’s mission and activities.  In addition to formal advising, unit support may take any of the following forms: financial, administrative, office and/or operational space. 

Student organizations and University units considering sponsorship should be aware of the following:

  • The mission of the student organization must be aligned with both the Sponsoring Unit’s mission and that of the University.
  • Membership of the Student Organization must consist of 100% Oregon State University Students.
  • The student organization and Sponsoring Unit are jointly responsible for compliance with all University policies and procedures, including but not limited to the following areas:
    • risk management
    • travel
    • financial management
    • contractual agreements
    • acquirement, reporting and management of property
    • OSU student of conduct
  • Annually, the student organization must submit appropriate registration & recognition materials including:
    • Organization Information Form
    • Risk Assessment Form
    • Sponsorship Agreement, inclusive of appropriate signatures
  • In sponsoring a student organization, the sponsoring unit views the student organization, through its efforts, as worthwhile and vital and therefore commits itself to provide support for the organization and its endeavors.
  • Identification and commitment of a Faculty Advisor to serve in the capacity of mentor, educator and accountability manager (as detailed in the Faculty Advisor Role & Responsibilities document) is required and should be assigned by the sponsoring unit.
  • Once sponsored, the student organization would be a representative of the University; therefore, a high level of accountability from the organization will be required, while recognizing the importance of the organization’s self-direction and student leadership.

Sponsorship Proposal/Planning Guide

Sponsorship Agreement Submission

Sponsorship Proposal/Planning

It is recommended that the terms of sponsorship already be finalized before inputting the information into the sponsorship agreement. The Sponsorship Agreement Proposal/Planning Sheet is a tool available to help with negotiations and obtaining the information needed to complete a sponsorship agreement.  While the agreement may be modified after the initial submission, all parties (student organization representative, Faculty Advisor and Sponsoring Unit Head) will need to resign for each modification.


Sponsorship Agreement Submission

In order to have access to complete a sponsorship agreement, your organization must first submit an Organization Information Form.  After completing the form, you will have access to submit a sponsorship agreement via your dashboard.

database log-in image

  • After you log in, you will be directed to your Dashboard.  You will see a listing of the organization you are involved with followed by the words “View Annual Registration,” “Complete Risk Assessment & “Complete Sponsorship Agreement.” Click on the “Complete Sponsorship Agreement” hyperlink to submit your sponsorship agreement.

complete sponsorship image

  • Fill in the Sponsorship Agreement details and click “Submit Sponsorship Agreement for Approval” at the bottom of the form.


  • After submission, the Student Org Representative, Faculty Advisor & Sponsoring Unit Head will receive an email with a link and information for reviewing, approving and electronically signing the agreement.
  • While the agreement may be modified after the initial submission, all parties (student organization representative, Faculty Advisor and Sponsoring Unit Head) will need to resign for each modification.