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Summer Term 2010

PROPOSAL DEADLINE: Monday, March 1, 2010
Award Announcement: Approximately Friday, April 16, 2010



URISC is a Research Office program that supports OSU undergraduate research activities. "Research" at OSU is interpreted broadly to reflect what goes on not only in laboratories and field stations, but also in libraries, art studios, and music practice rooms. The Research Office seeks to involve undergraduate students from all academic disciplines within the University.

Hundreds of opportunities exist for students to become actively involved in the scholarly pursuits of the faculty and to take part in a compelling learning experience. This kind of involvement provides insight into the creation of knowledge that is often not a part of classroom learning. It gives the student a hands-on opportunity to apply what they have been learning in the classroom, as well as to develop a mentoring relationship with a faculty member.

The URISC Fund is intended to enable undergraduate students to initiate a scholarly relationship with faculty early in their academic careers. Faculty mentors are expected to assume financial responsibility for student research activities if they continue beyond the initial URISC sponsorship.


Only faculty with professorial rank are eligible to serve as Faculty Project Advisor.

Full-time undergraduate students currently pursuing a baccalaureate degree at OSU and who are in good academic standing are eligible to apply.

Students completing graduation requirements before or during term(s) support is requested are not eligible. (i.e. students graduating in June would not be eligible to participate in the summer program following graduation.)

Award Information

Preference may be given to undergraduate students having their first research experience. Multiple proposals submitted from the same faculty project advisor are unlikely to be funded.

For the academic year program the maximum award is $1,000 for 1 term; $1,500 for 2 terms; and $1,800 for the full academic year (3 terms). Awards must be spent in the quarters for which the funds were requested.

For the summer program the Research Office will provide 60% of the total budget request (see Matching Funds), to a maximum of $1,800.

A student may receive an award only once from the academic year URISC program and once from the summer URISC program .

Applicants will be notified via e-mail of award decisions by the announcement date listed at the top of this page.

Matching Funds

For the academic year program no matching funds are required. However, for projects lasting two (2) or three (3) academic terms, a financial contribution by the unit does provide evidence about the level of commitment of the faculty member to the success of the project.

For the summer program the participating faculty project advisor, the department, or college must provide at least 40% of matching funds, and 100% of approved funds in excess of $3,000. It is the responsibility of the student and the faculty project advisor to identify and secure commitments for these funds prior to submitting the application.

Use of Funds

Awards are made to support scholarly, creative, and research activities. Research Office support will not be in lieu of existing grant funds previously budgeted for undergraduate research assistance. Work schedules are to be negotiated between the student and the faculty project advisor.

Budget Items ELIGIBLE for support

  • Student salaries, wages or stipends
  • Travel to conduct research or visit libraries/archives
  • Library costs (i.e. duplication costs, acquisition of reference materials)
  • Equipment rental
  • Expendable materials and supplies

Budget Items NOT ELIGIBLE for support

  • Faculty, postdoctoral or graduate student travel
  • Equipment purchases
  • Costs to prepare, copy or bind undergraduate theses
  • Travel to meetings or conferences (includes related fees, lodging and travel expenses)

Application Procedure

The URISC application form is available in MS Word format. If you are unable to access this electronic form, contact the Research Office at 541-737-8390 to request a paper copy. Please allow one week for delivery.

  1. Complete all sections of the application form.
    • Complete Items 1-10 within the space provided. Proposals must be initiated and written by the student, but should be done in close coordination with the Faculty Project Advisor.
    • Item 9, Regulatory Compliance: A complete application will include marking the appropriate boxes in the regulatory compliance section of the application. Due to the regulatory compliance requirements inherent in research it is the responsibility of the FACULTY PROJECT ADVISOR to submit the proper forms and receive approval from the appropriate compliance committee(s) PRIOR to the initiation of the research project with sufficient time to allow for the review process. The review process could require 4 to 8 weeks.
    • NOTE: Documentation of approval from the appropriate compliance committee(s) MUST be received in the Research Office, Incentive Programs before the award funds will be transferred.
  2. Obtain signatures Item 10 from the student, Faculty Project Advisor and the Faculty Project Advisor's Department Head/Chair.
  3. Attach the following supporting documentation to the end of the proposal packet:
    • Items 11 and 12, limit to 2 additional pages per item to provide the information requested.
    • Item 13, student's resume. The resume should include the student's academic major, current academic standing, and expected date of graduation.
    • Item 14, transcript (unofficial is acceptable, including GPA).
    • Item 15, letter of support from the Faculty Project Advisor.
    • Item 16, Appendix. Applicants are permitted to provide a one page supplement that describes the proposed methodology (optional). IF the proposed methodology involves survey research, a copy of the study instrument MUST be provided (required).
  4. Submit the completed proposal packet.
    • One (1) original (single-sided) and four (4) copies (double-sided) by 5:00 P.M. by the deadline date to the Research Office, Incentive Programs, A312 Kerr Administration Building.

Incomplete proposal packets will not be considered for funding.


All application materials, including supporting documentation, must be received at the Research Office, Incentive Programs, A312 Kerr Administration Building, by 5:00 p.m. by the deadline indicated at the top of this page.

Review Procedure

The Research Office reviews all proposals for eligibility. Requests that qualify are then given to the URISC Advisory Panel for competitive review and evaluation. The URISC Advisory Panel provides a prioritized list of recommendations for funding to the Vice President for Research based on the quality of the proposals as reflected in the review criteria. The Vice President for Research will make award decisions based on available funds.

Review Criteria

The URISC Advisory Panel is composed of faculty members appointed by the Vice President for Research who represent the diversity of the University's research enterprise. Proposals that describe the research project to this general audience, providing clear explanations of the purpose, importance and methodologies of the proposed topic, and avoiding the use of jargon and unexplained acronyms, will fare better than those written to reviewers from a highly focused discipline perspective.

The URISC Advisory Panel evaluates each proposal using the following criteria:
(Not in order of importance)

Scholarly Merit

  • Would funding this project create a professional experience for the student that might not otherwise be accessible?
  • What educational/experiential benefits will the student gain?
  • Is the project interesting?
  • Will the proposed activity significantly expand or diversify the student's artistic or scholarly base?

Nature of Proposal

  • Does the proposal provide a clear statement of overall project objectives?
  • Does the proposal provide a clear statement of the student's role?
  • Does the proposal provide independent research study for the student?
  • Are the proposed methods appropriate and accurate?
  • Does the proposal provide clear and specific budget information? (e.g., itemized list of materials and supplies)
  • Is the text of the proposal well written?
  • Is the personal data well-prepared?


  • Will the project create opportunities to continue the research / scholarly experience for the student beyond the URISC funding period?
  • Will the project help position the student to pursue further scholarly, professional, creative opportunities (e.g., graduate school)?

Other Considerations

  • Is this a new research experience for the student?
  • Transcript and GPA
  • Does the proposed activity support the student's educational objectives?
  • Has the student received funding in prior years?
  • If provided, does the appendix provide clear information to support the proposed methodology? Also, if a survey is part of the project, is a copy of the study instrument attached?

Other Requirements

Any publications made possible by URISC funding are required to cite URISC support.
Final Reports

From students who receive awards, a final (progress) report will be due at the end of the term(s) for which the research was conducted.

The final (progress) report should contain three (3) points:

  1. How and/or on what were the URISC funds expended?
  2. A brief summary of the work conducted; including a discussion of the information gathered, how the data are being analyzed and if you are far enough along, describe how the data collected supports or refutes your original hypothesis or discovery goal.
  3. State the benefits from the URISC award; including additional scholarly activities, research progress, collaborative relationships, and any publications or other funding made possible for the student as a result of this award.

Please submit the report electronically to Debbie Delmore, Coordinator of Special Programs at debbie.delmore@oregonstate.edu. Recipients who fail to submit the required final report will be ineligible to receive future funding from the Research Office Incentive Programs.

Updated and Current Student Information

Award recipients are asked to notify the Research Office of any changes in mailing address, e-mail address, or telephone number.

For More Information

Contact Debbie Delmore, Coordinator of Special Programs, Research Office
or call 541-737-8390

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