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The SARL supports two animal models for researchers. There is a large self-contained rainbow trout hatchery that is equipped to maintain and propagate Shasta strain rainbow trout, incubate and hatch artificially spawned eggs, and rear fry to varying experimental endpoints. The zebrafish area is equipped to rear up to 10,000 experimental zebrafish in addition to brood stock. The core facility serves a number of Center investigators by providing essential services. For example, investigators are provided study design assistance, research animals, tank space, complete fish husbandry services, standard and custom diets, and experimental data collection assistance.
28645 E. Hwy 34, Corvallis
Robert Tanguay, Director
- High Content Image System: Molecular Devices - Robotics: 6-axis Denso arm, Twister II Plate - Plate Readers: Biotek multimode plate reader with Nano-quant spec - Behavior Systems: 4 View Point Life Sciences zebra labs, Robotic Zebrafish Embryonic behavior station with addressable 96 well IR + VIS backlighting, Zebrafish adult behavior system automated shuttle box array for memory and cognition testing, Noldus Ethovision - Plate washers: Biotek 8 channel plate washer, Tecan Hydroflex 16 channel plate washer - Liquid handler: 96 channel Caliper liquid handler - Real time PCR instruments: ABI Step One Plus 96 well, MJ Research Opticon II 96 well. - Microinjection Rigs: Four injections of single cell zfish embryos - Motorized microscopes: Zeiss Axiovert 100M

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