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The John L Fryer Salmon Disease Laboratory supports infectious disease and health related research for fish and other freshwater aquatic animals, including salmon, trout, zebrafish, koi, goldfish, frogs, invertebrates and more. Large indoor experimental wet lab, outdoor holding area and an isolation room for containment of non-indigenous species. Over 250 flow through tanks and aquaria ranging from 6L to 12ft diameter in size are supplied with UV sterilized pathogen free well-water at a constant temperature of 12.8oC. Heated water and temperature blenders provide tanks with constant temps between 13 and 28oC or programmed diurnal cycles. Chilled water or river water are also available on request. Tanks are supplied with continuous aeration. The facility has the capability to incubate and hatch artificially spawned fish eggs, and rear fry. Digitally controlled chlorination treatment for effluent prevents pathogen escape. Investigators are provided assistance with ACUP submittal, research animal acquisition, tank space, complete fish husbandry services, feed and sampling assistance if required. Field equipment for river exposures, fish transport equipment, two small boats and diving equipment available upon request. Dry Lab space: Biosafety Level 2 lab, analytical and microscopy suite, necropsy lab, conference room, office spaces, on site tool shop and assistance with fabrication of experimental set up.
34347 NE Electric Road, Corvallis OR 97333
Jerri Bartholomew, Director
Biosafety cabinet, benchtop UV sterilizing hood, analytical and microscopy suite, necropsy lab, conference room, office spaces, autoclave, centrifuge, drying oven, microbalance, incubators, histology equipment, water filtration equipment, waterbath/shakers, stomacher, absorbance spectrophotometer, water chemistry testing, YSI

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