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Focus is on evaluating many seed quality factors that are critical for seed production, cleaning, certification, labeling, marketing, and final utilization of seeds. The laboratory also provides research and educational services, including: Purity and Noxious weed exams -Crop and weed, UGS, Sod quality, Canada, Australia exams -Standard germination tests -Viability by TZ (Tetrazolium) -Fluorescence and grow-out test for ryegrass -Vigor tests (e.g., Cold, AA, Conductivity, etc.) -Ploidy by Flow cytometer -Endophyte test by Immunoblot assay and chemical method -X-ray test to detect insects, cracks, unfilled seeds, etc. -Clearfield wheat bioassay test (tolerance to imazamox “BeyondTM” herbicide) -Orobanche test -Soil exam (detects soil in seed samples) -Seed-soil test (finds and identifies seed in soil samples) -Pest and disease exam -Varietal identification tests (e.g., phenol test, Sodium hydroxide test) -Seed moisture content -Seed weight (Number of seeds/pound) -Research on purity, viability, other quality traits -Workshops, seed schools, and consulting
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