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Oregon Translational Research and Drug Discovery Institute - OTRADI

Administrative Oversight: 
Independent state-wide organization
M. Patricia Beckmann, Ph.D.
PO Box 489 Portland, OR 97207-0489


As part of this state-wide consortium, OSU helps to stimulatiediscovery in therapeutic, vaccine, and diagnostic development, as well as to create, maintain and support core facilities for screening and developing lead compounds.

OSU brings to OTRADI strengths in biological, chemical, and pharmaceutical sciences and demonstrated success in areas of therapeutic discovery and development.

  • OSU scientists study a wide variety of infectious diseases (e.g. tuberculosis, malaria, schistosomiasis, HIV, avian influenza, West Nile virus, gram-positive bacterial infections).
  • OSU researchers are working to discover and develop anticancer agents and new therapeutics for treating neurological and degenerative diseases (ALS, Alzheimer's). OSU chemists have created libraries of synthetic compounds and natural products that can be screened for new therapeutic leads.
  • OSU scientists conduct preclinical metabolism, toxicology and pharmacokinetics studies in animal facilities for mice, Zebra fish, and trout models.

OSU partners with other universities, private bioscience companies and public and private funders. Start-up funds for OTRADI originate from a legislative allocation to Oregon Innovation Council (Oregon InC), and are administered by the Oregon Economic and Community Development Department.

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