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Oregon Hatchery Research Center

Administrative Oversight: 
College of Agricultural Sciences
David Noakes, Senior Scientist; Ryan Couture,Facility Manager
2418 East Fall Creek Road Alsea, OR 97324
(541) 487-5510


The Oregon Hatchery Research Center is a unique facility specifically designed to support both basic and applied research into:

  • the mechanisms that may create differences between wild and hatchery fish, and
  • ways to better manage these differences to meet fishery and conservation objectives.

The center is also charged with helping Oregonians understand the role and performance of hatcheries in responsibly using and protecting Oregon’s native fishes.

Research facilities include four artificial stream channels that simulate actual stream conditions, four concrete raceways, a tank farm comprised of 44 fiberglass tanks, an analytical lab, and a compete wet lab with heated, chilled, filtered and UV-treated water.

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