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Insignia Program Guidelines

The OSU Licensed Innovation insignia was created to allow authorized users (individuals or companies who have licensed innovation from OSU) to leverage the strong research and technology reputation of Oregon State University in marketing their own products and solutions. The Insignia Program Guidelines provide specifications for the display of the Insignia upon execution of an “OSU Licensed Innovation Insignia Agreement”. OSU may amend the Insignia Specifications from time to time.

Partnering Opportunities

This is your company’s gateway to Oregon State University.

Current Startups

OSU-affiliated companies, and data about Oregon jobs created.

Funding Opportunities

OSU Venture Development Fund-The Oregon State Legislature created the Venture Development Fund to aid nascent technologies emerging from university laboratories in becoming commercially viable, and to help small technology companies grow in Oregon. Learn about currently funded projects. Add value to your existing portfolio, or create an entirely new division. In addition, Venture Acceleration Awards provide direct funding to Oregon–based companies that have recently licensed OSU intellectual property.

ONAMI- Oregon Nanoscience and Microtechnologies Institute is a partnership among Oregon’s research universities and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory to promote the field, making Oregon the location of-choice for leading technology firms and innovative startup companies. ONAMIGap Grants are availableto research institution PIs and/or facilities to take research results to the next level, e.g. a more product-like prototype and/or demonstration of cost-effective fabrication methods. Ideally, this will be in collaboration with an already-formed and already-licensed (or optioned) for-profit company, and in some cases may be to fund ONAMI facility work in support of an Oregon company bringing its own IP. 

Regional resources

The Business Enterprise Center The BEC is a non-profit, business accelerator that provides professionally-managed facilities and services at a subsidized rate for primarily start-up businesses. Business Enterprise Center has two types of clients, residents and affiliates.

    • Resident clients rent office space on site which includes utilities, Internet access, shared office equipment and conference facilities, reception and other professional services. The training provided is focused on the entrepreneur's needs and is either free of charge or at a much reduced rate. Resident clients also get access to a wealth of business expertise in the form of board members and professional partners who act as advisers by serving on the client's advisory committee.
    • Affiliate Clients do not rent space on site but pay a set fee each month for access to the BEC Programs, advisory committees and business coaching and planning resources.

Linn County Business Development Center The center provides assistance in business planning and counseling, financial counseling and loan packaging, and financial assistance.

Software Association of Oregon - Corvallis The SAO has a fundamental commitment to maintaining a high-quality environment in which software-dependent organizations can find educational opportunities, networking and work force development programs. The SAO sponsors many events throughout the year that integrate, but also go beyond software, bringing the high-tech community in the region together for learning, discussion, and networking.

Corvallis Economic Development Office
Helping create economic vitality by facilitating startups, growing existing business, and recruiting new companies. 

State Resources

Business Energy Tax Credit (BETC)
Oregon Department of Energy offers the Business Energy Tax Credit to those who invest in:

      • Improving energy efficiency
      • Weatherizing rental housing
      • Recycling
      • Using renewable energy resources
      • Burning less-polluting
      • Transportation fuels

Services are available to anyone who owns, operate, or is considering starting, a small business in Oregon.

Oregon Economic and Community Development Department
Small Business Assistance is an important development componet, as 90 percent of all business enterprises in Oregon employ 100 or fewer people. The department works to connect small business ventures with regional and industry-specific organizations that specalize in small business support.

Links We Like
Oregon Business Xpress Start-up Toolkit 


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