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Northwest Alliance for Computational Science & Engineering

Administrative Oversight: 
College of Engineering
Cherri M. Pancake
2000 Kelley Engineering Center Oregon State University Corvallis, Oregon, 97331-5501


NACSE helps scientists, engineers, and natural resource managers use computers and data more effectively:

  • We train researchers how to store data so other people can use it too.
  • Our software lets researchers develop Web interfaces to their data - without having to become computing specialists.
  • Our interfaces display search results as maps or graphical summaries, with nothing more than a web browser.
  • Our data systems help researchers and decision-makers merge their data with information from other groups.
  • We develop educational interfaces and modules to help students and teachers use real-world data in the classroom.
  • Our usability research identifies how different people find and use scientific data - and how to make interfaces more helpful to them.

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