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  • The Native American Collaborative Institute provides a means for Oregon Tribes and Oregon State University to fulfill the land, sea, and space grant mission to serve Oregon Native Americans as well as all citizens. The institute facilitates collaboration between tribal business, economic, natural resource, cultural resource, and education programs and Oregon State University faculty and staff, to identify areas of research, education, and outreach that will affect the quality of life of tribal peoples. The collaborations will be based on concepts of respect, relevancy, responsibility and reciprocity, and will:
    1. develop research and disseminate findings that provide policy makers with trustworthy information regarding tribal concerns
    2. act as a clearinghouse for information and access to issues of concern to Oregon Tribes
    3. create reciprocal agreements that increase Oregon Tribes access to Oregon State University research, education, and outreach efforts, and communicate tribal perspectives that enable OSU to better respond to tribal needs, in a manner respecting cultural values
    4. facilitate tribal and Oregon State University access to funding from private foundations and public sources available through tribal and Oregon State University collaboration
    5. provide student, faculty and program staff internships on a reciprocal basis to further knowledge and understanding about topics of importance to both Oregon Tribes and Oregon State University.
  • NACI will develop a database of the research and extension needs of Oregon tribes, to develop and formalize productive methods of exchange between Oregon tribes and OSU, to identify potential sources of other, long term funding, and to build communications resources to approach these potential sources. Specifically, these projects will:
    1. invite the Oregon tribes to share their strategic plans and use this information to build a searchable data base of the possible research and extension service needs of tribes
    2. make on-site visits to Oregon tribes to discuss the tribes' possible research and extension service needs with tribal leadership
    3. assemble Oregon tribal leadership with OSU college and research unit leadership to develop procedures and roles to be played by an NACI Advisory Council
    4. use IRIS and other data bases to compile information on potential funding sources, including the parameters of these sources' funding decisions, areas of special interest, past funded projects, contact names, and deadline.

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