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What are some common mistakes that I should avoid?

• Using outdated forms. Always download the most current version of the IRB forms from the IRB website. 

• Submitting applications before all study team members have completed the required ethics training.

• Providing poorly written materials. Contact Dennis Bennett at the Writing Center if you would like help with improving the quality of protocol and consent documents 

• Submitting materials that have not received a substantive review by the PI.

• Writing consent forms in language which will not be readily understood by the target population.

• Submitting documents containing inconsistent information (e.g. Application indicates total planned enrollment is 500, but the protocol indicates that this number is between 300-600).

• Inappropriately targeting students or faculty as study subjects.  See IRB guidance on the recruitment of students and employees.

• Missing documents, such as letters of support, a copy of the grant or contract, or recruitment guides.

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