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Renewal Reminders from the IRB Office

It has been the IRB's practice to send annual renewal reminder notices to Principal Investigators with active IRB approved protocols.  During a routine quality assurance check, we discovered that for the last several months, the reports that indicate which studies are due to be renewed have failed to generate a complete list.  I apologize if, as a result, some of you did not receive reminder notices.

If you have any active protocols, please make note of the expiration date(s), as you may not receive a reminder from the IRB.
If your study expires, all research activities (including data analysis) must stop.  There are no provisions in the regulations for extensions or retroactive approvals, regardless of the cause for the lapse in IRB approval.  If your study expires prior to the submission of a continuing review application, the study will be closed and a new application must be submitted for IRB review.  Please use one of the links below to locate the appropriate form. 

Completed forms should be submitted via email to IRB@oregonstate.edu
Please note that reminder notices are a courtesy.  Renewal reminders are sent to Investigators as IRB staff time and effective technology permit.  It is the PI’s responsibility to keep track of when a study is nearing expiration and to submit a Continuing Review Application at least 30 days in advance.  If your study and all data analysis has ended, please submit a final report.

We are investigating the cause of the errors in our primary database.  During this effort we cannot be sure that all Investigators will reliably receive renewal reminders and expiration notices.  We hope to resume sending regular reminders in the Fall.  I am aware that some of you have come to rely on these reminders.  If a study that you intend to continue has recently expired, please contact me as soon as possible.  The IRB staff will be available to assist you with the completion of a new application.

My sincere apologies for any inconvenience that these technical difficulties have caused.  Please contact me directly with any questions or concerns.

Lisa Leventhal, MSS, CIP, CIM
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