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Our goals are to improve agricultural sustainability and food security in Oregon, the Pacific Northwest and beyond by developing and delivering state-of-the-science IPPM systems in collaboration with our stakeholders.

Nationally, we will contribute towards meeting the goals of the US National Roadmap for IPM; internationally we will assist in meeting three of the eight UN Millennium Development Goals, the eradication of extreme poverty and hunger, the establishment of environmental sustainability and the creation of a global partnership for development.

The IPPC has established a core facility that continues to deliver certification programs for pesticide applicators and which develops and delivers tools, services, research and education programs that enable IPM adoption.

Our programs enhance national and international biosecurity through the deployment of pest risk assessment tools, and through the development of environmental and human health risk assessment procedures and analyses. They also enhance national and international biosafety through the development of advanced GM crop risk assessment tools for potential environmental impacts.

We have established and maintained communication networks within and among IPM stakeholders in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest, channeled significant resources beyond IPPC that enable targeted research and outreach priorities to be addressed at OSU, and we have created participatory research programs with producers in Oregon, to enable more sustainable production practices.

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