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The collaboratory is a shared laboratory that provides users access to trace level, fresh water analysis instrumentation and procedures. Samples may be analyzed by laboratory by staff (services through CCAL - see www.ccal.oregonstate.edu/), or researchers may analyze samples themselves after being trained on the instrumentation. The collaboratory's goals are to provide access to dedicated trace level instrumentation, encourage cooperative research, provide laboratory training opportunities, and help researchers minimize water analysis costs. General office and lab spaces are available for use.
Department or Field of Research: 
College of Forestry
Peavy 048
Kathryn Motter
- Agilent Gas Chromatograph, Dionex Ion Chromatograph, Shimadzu 1700 - - -Spectrophotometer, Shimadzu TOC-VSCH Carbon Analyzer, Alpkem Flow Solution IV -AutoAnalyzer, PerkinElmer Atomic Absorption Spectrometer, pH and Conductivity meters and peripheral equipment. Field Equipment Available includes YSI Data Sonde with Optical D.O., YSI 30 Conductivity Meter, YSI 60 pH Meter, Onset HOBO Temperature Logger, GeoPump and Filtration Kits
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