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Program for Documenting Animal Husbandry Activities Utilizing an Animal Housing Room Log

According to the Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals and the FASS Guide, the following animal husbandry activities must be performed at a regular and appropriate frequency, in intensive accommodations:

  • Animal Health Check (daily)
  • Food and Water Check (daily)
  • Room Temperature Check (including current, and minimum/maximum for previous 24-hour period)
  • Room Ventilation Check (including air movement, odor level, and, if applicable, pressure differential)
  • Cage Space/Overcrowding Check
  • Bedding Change
  • Caging Change
  • Room Cleaning/Sanitation (including floors, walls, ceilings, fixtures, etc.)

Proper documentation of the performance of these activities (including the identity of the personnel performing the activities) is a valuable husbandry management tool, allowing both coworkers and researchers access to information that may be critically important to the care and use of the animals concerned.  Additionally, animal husbandry activities must be documented in a manner that is readily available for inspection at any time.  Therefore, the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) requires that documentation of the performance of these activities be maintained on an animal housing room activity log, which should be prominently posted in each animal housing room.  A sample log sheet is attached to this policy, and may be adapted as necessary to suit the special needs of each facility.  Completed log sheets must be retained in a file accessible for inspection for at least one year.

For animals under range and pasture conditions, observations should be frequent enough to ensure animal health, to recognize the need for emergency action, and to ensure continuity of feed and water supplies. The frequency should be included in the SOPs for herd maintenance and documented.

Animal husbandry supervisors should review animal housing room activity logs on an appropriate schedule to ensure accuracy and compliance with the animal husbandry requirements of the Guide.  In addition, IACUC members will pay particular attention to animal housing room activity logs during semi-annual facility inspection visits.  Non-compliance with this policy (animal housing room activity logs which are unavailable, incomplete, obviously inaccurate, or which indicate that animal husbandry activities have not been performed according to the requirements of the Guide) will be noted in the inspection report as a deficiency.  The responsible administrative unit must report findings, corrective actions, and measures taken to prevent recurrence to the IACUC within 30 days of the inspection.  The effectiveness of any necessary corrections will be re-assessed by the IACUC during follow-up visits. The IACUC may send IACUC Office Staff to examine these records.

Download Sample form in MS Word format.

IACUC approved September 2009

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